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May 05 2011

My Buddy Frederic Beachbody Experience – Why I Do This

Maverick here…In the Philippines on leave…going back to Miami to see kids this weekend and meet with my good friend from the USAF Tom and his wife Theresa.

My buddy Frederic had the following to say…publicly:

This is why I am a Beachbody Coach…I know that through getting better all the time through products that are time proven and effective, I can inspire people that notice the changes and…they will also make a change…which will…inspire others to do so…and before you know it a bunch of people are healthier, feel better and…even have a healthier pocket book..

Something important Frederic says…he was NOT looking to lose weight…he was looking to GAIN weight in the right places…and Beachbody helped him do just that…let’s put it this weight…I would not want to fight him on the street unless he was fighting WITH ME!

See what you can also do with Beachbody…what they have done to give you an incredible opportunity to turn your fitness success into an inspiration for others and…a healthier financial future.

Here is something else I just learned about fitness…from Beachbody Star Coach Traci Morrow:

Everyone has something about their body the would like to change…and 99% of the time…Beachbody has something that can help you achieve it!

Check in…use our products…and heck…you can turn your health and fitness success into profit…

Check Six…and Stay Healthy,

The Maverick

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Apr 04 2011

An Interesting Life Lesson

Maverick here…in Clark waiting for my flight to Hong Kong…time to go to do some more flying…

A very respected gentleman sent me this article and I will enclose it here in a link…great words to live by…and I believe you will enjoy it…the best part is that is short and and sweet.

Mental Health Alert – Do NOT Compare Yourself To Others!

Check Six…and Stay Healthy!

The Maverick

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Mar 19 2011

Core Synergistics 18 March Inspiration – Must Track!

Maverick here…in Miami…just finished a core synergistics P90X workout part of my recovery week..

Realized that as soon as I warmed up…I forgot to..hmmm…have my tracking sheet!

So I stopped the workout grabbed the first clean sheet I saw…and started tracking… How do you know how you are doing unless you track it?

Results are below…here is the jist…even though I have done this workout so many times…I did more exercises and in MUCH better form than before…I can tell…my body can tell…and I was honest on the sheet…because…

When you do different workouts and types of Workouts (like Insanity, P90X One on One, P90X PLUS, and Rev Abs), you just keep getting better and better…it is a GOOD vicious cycle! Here is the sheet…you can read it yourself…GF and GR F are self explanatory…for very good form!

Core Synergistics Tracking 18 March 2011

Core Synergistics Tracking 18 March 2011

What you cannot see is the sweat. Trust me it was there…now the sheet is dry!

There may be a myth where you do something for 90 days and you completely change your life…and then just go back…that myth is what it is…a myth…for long term lasting results you must make a complete and lasting change! Like Homer Simpson…I could have also said…DUH! This lady did!

Don’t let your guard down…is another great term used by many war leaders of our time!

Check Six…and stay Healthy,

The Maverick

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Mar 17 2011

This Is Why I Tell People About Beachbody Products

Maverick here…in Miami…enjoying time off with kids.

Just wanted to let you read an email I received from one of my best friends. He is also a pilot.


I started P90X+ today. My first workout was interval X plus, and tomorrow morning early I will do Upper plus and ab core. HOLY SHIT! When I saw it was only 38 mins total, I knew I was going to be in trouble!                

This is great because I was getting a bit bored on P90X, lacking motivation, and it was the perfect time to start it. I absolutely love it. This is exactly what I needed to continue my quest.

I was exhausted after finishing, and that recovery drink made a world of difference. Now, Miu started Turbofire. She LOVES it! The routine is not long, just over 30 mins for some or 18 for others, but, but but but. OMG

it kicks your ass. very interesting how it parallels the thinking of P90X concept. Her program is 20 weeks. I’ll be tickled to death if she does 10, and who knows, perhaps she will get really challenged.”

This email says it all…here are a couple of short videos of Frederic and I working out in San Antonio last Spring.

When you make a decision and get healthier…you will inspire other people…to do the same…this is magical and what has caused Beachbody to explode in sales and in coaches.

Started to say one thing to friends now…hey dude/dudette…may be you are interested in getting healthier and are ready to do something and may be you are not…but do your loved ones a favor…tell them about what we are doing…and I would be glad to help in any way that I can…we don’t want to keep this a secret!

So…I am asking you to do the same:

1. Embark on a journey to change yourself and become healthier…with known products that work

2. Tell your loved ones about Beachbody…some will thank you for their rest of their lives!

Check six…and stay healthy…it is…PRICELESS!

The Maverick

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Mar 11 2011

Fantastic Healthy Greek Food You Can Enjoy

Maverick here…

In Chicago getting ready to fly up to Alaska and then on to Hong Kong…just finished a deadly P90X MCII (coming in September but I have the preview DVDs, you can get them here) workout!

My buddy Mike just sent me these three ads which go very well along with the Healthy Eating lifestyle together with great tasting food we have adopted as Greeks. It even goes along with the Beachbody Recipes (you can access them by joining the Team Beachbody Club).

By the way…YIAYIA means Grandmother in Greek.

These ads are HILARIOUS, and perfect in length (30 seconds each). Enjoy!

You mix these delicious foods with veggies and take them in addition to Shakeology (the top Health and Nutrition Shake in the market), you will get healthier and be full in the process…hummus has healthy carbs…here are the ingredients:

Athenos Greek Hummus Ingredients

Athenos Greek Hummus Ingredients

Note, Sodium Benzoate is a preservative which is why it is in red…want to solve that problem….make your own! And just cut the preservatives…the recipe is made for you…

Stay Healthy…and…Check Six!

The Maverick

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