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Dec 15 2008

What Investment Can You Trust?

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Maverick here…in New York getting ready to go to Vancouver for a very important meeting…more on this later.

I don’t know if you have been following the news (I normally don’t but I have good friends that do – thanks Joe!)…but have you thought about asking yourself…

Who would you trust to invest money with?

Prominent Wall Street Trader Gets Arrested

By the way, this did not happen in September with the meltdown….it has been happening for years.

So who would you trust to invest your money with?

If you say no one, you would be 99% correct and you would keep your money…may be…if your bank does not go out of business or they don’t take it from under your pillow!

To complete the 1%…you need to add a very important element…your gut! And that comes with experience and knowing the right people…hear how they talk…how they behave…and form an educated opinion…

Here are some good words to look for or fell:

Integrity, Up front, Non-Hypy (Mav Word), Professional, Genuine (REAL)

Will you be right 100%? Of course not…no one is…but you sure do increase the probabilities…and that is ALL you can ask for…

In the Maverick Targets I have locked on…I talk about passive income programs that have been working for me…and it does involve handing your money over to someone else…for those two targets at least with good probability you will get it back.

In Maverick Target #1 (Private) I already have my capital back with stronger feelings every day the people running the program are on to something real.

Just in: Maverick Target #1 is OUT OF RANGE temporarily (as I predicted) for at least 6-10 weeks for those not already locked on it.

In Maverick Target #2 (Trivita), I have had the pleasure to be introduced to a company with real, genuine people at the helm that not only know what they are doing but they are sharing a piece of the pie for those willing to trust them and participate. I have part of my investment back there…

Trivita is more long term (I have a two year plan with them…more on 2009 resolutions) but I am truly excited about the potential as I am getting to know more what this company is all about and seeing the positive results with their products and business efforts.

And there are more similar targets to be locked…because when it rains it pours. Just hang around and see for yourself.

So when someone (or you tell yourself) something here is risky…you may want to go and read the news flash above again and again.

Check Six,

The Maverick

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