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Nov 30 2008

Maverick Target #3 On Short Range Scope

Maverick Here…

As I have mentioned before in a very recent post on Oct 16 2008…I have quite a few things my radar is sweeping for even fewer that make it withing locking range.

Was honored to have had a very refreshing visit today in Tarpon Springs, FL with a very accomplished author and business person E. Laurence Bake, CEO and Ann Anderson, President of the Treasures Gift Book Company.

Also, I had the opportunity to meet a very good friend of theirs and Captain of their ship and former military fighter pilot (we had a few things in common), Val.

The Author And The Maverick

The Author And The Maverick

Captain Val And The Maverick

Captain Val And The Maverick

Little over a month ago, my friend and mentor Brad Weinman suggested I take a look in Treasures, a very interesting concept with sharing a very inspiring book in digital format, The Poet And The Princess: Treasures. He shared a copy of the book with me and let me review the site with the whole business concept which is so simple it escapes most people’s minds:

You purchase copies of the book and share it and the company will give you a 50% profit on the book copies you purchase for sharing an inspiring message.

What intrigued me was the technology the Treasures was employing, and the clear fact that you were not selling anything…just sharing a well written book (even my kids liked the design and some passages I read them) and potentially changing someone’s life for the better.

Also, the company had essentially no overhead except for the software needed to run the operation and to  protect the digital integrity of the books.

The way they have structured the business there is opportunity to create a very nice short term cash flow by simply sharing The Poet And The Princess…(don’t worry, I have already asked…for those that don’t have that many people to share this too the company has a solution to help them share it)…

So why did I meet with Laurence and Ann (and got Val as a bonus) today?

To see if my feelings that I need to increase my radar power and sweep speed to lock Treasures as a Maverick Target were true. Short answer…feelings confirmed. Treasures is in the short range scope pending three months of payments as per the Rules of Engagement (ROE) in Maverick Targets.

I must thank Scott Atwood, marketing director of Treasures, who Brad introduced me to, put me in touch with Laurence and since I was coming to Tarpon Springs this weekend with the kids this worked perfect as Treasures has St Petersburg, FL (33 miles from Tarpon Springs) as home.

The meeting with Laurence and Ann lasted 90 minutes longer than planned…I saw honesty, integrity, and the two words that I really like in a person came out as feelings: real and genuine. We discussed many things to include how the business operates, promotion methods, future expansion plans as well as scalability.

My conclusion is that Laurence and Ann have a well planned and thought-out operation with a great attitude of service to others…I see very big potential in this business model for both the passive and the active member.

Clock is ticking with my first payment coming up next week…two more payments to follow the Maverick Target ROE and Treasures will be Locked as Maverick Target #3.

Check Six,

The Maverick

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