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Nov 29 2008

Health Check – Day After Turkey Day

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averick Here…In Tarpon Springs, FL with the kids having a ball

If you have not been here…highly suggest it…a great place to see some really good Greek Traditions (the Spongemen from the Island of Kalymnos), have some great Greek Food, listen to some Greek Music, and enjoy the sunset by the beach.

So, how did you Thanksgiving go (if you are in the US if not you can substitute it for any big holiday in your country)…or should I say how much did you have to eat?

See, in the US (I can almost bet it is the same in any country), Thanksgiving is associated with eating like a pig…and then what do we do with it…spend the rest of the year trying to get rid of what we ate…

Yeah this post is not directly about money or any specific adventure, but it is about something very very important….your health…which could have a big monetary effect on your life…

You will hear and see all kinds of theories about health, weight, shape and how to do it…and you will hear all kinds of excuses (you may have even used some) on why someone is overweight or out of shape.

Bottom line…aside of serious sicknesses and other unfortunate events…there are two variables about your health and appearance you can directly control:

1. What, how much, and how fast you eat

2. The amount and quality of your physical activity (exercise)

You can argue this until you are blue in the face but the results are always the same

Granted, there are many diets and exercise programs to help you with one things really…that you should have…discipline. Yes I know it is a $5 word…and sometimes even the maverick has challenges with it. But at the end of the day it is one person we look in the mirror…you guessed it!

Jim Rohn, one of the most renowned personal development speakers said something very profound…“you will either experience the pain of discipline or the pain of regret”. The question is…which pain do you prefer?

As far as the diet is concerned, some things that have worked well for me is eating slower, reducing breads, cutting as much as possible food in containers (packaged food), eating more nuts, fruits, salads, and drinking less alcohol.

In the exercise department, I hate to waste my time. Over the last two years, I have seen two exercise programs that have produced great results with me

Matt Furey and his Combat Conditioning program

Found a video of Matt with some of the workouts in Google…here it is:

Matt Furey video

Tony Horton and his 10 minute programs (don’t get fooled, most of you will not be able to finish the 10 minute programs the first time)

What good does making all the money in the world if you health stinks and you look like a slob? You can answer that for your self…

And, you may want to take some action.

Check Six,

The Maverick


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