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Nov 26 2008

Maverick Target #1 Update (Very Good News)

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Maverick here…in Miami…waiting for Turkey Day tomorrow…

Wish all of you in the US a Happy Thanksgiving. Sometimes it is good to reflect on all the great things we have.

Personally I will spend a quiet day reflecting on a last few very interesting events in my life in the past week…get the kids on Friday for a very interesting trip…I will report on Sunday or Monday on what happened.

So what is the good news about Maverick Target #1 (Private) ? There is no news. It is paying on time, every time, with MBA (Maverick Term copyright Brad Weinman) – Money In Bank Account!

Anything else Mav? No.

Actually, just one thing…have no idea how much longer it will be in range…what I am saying is it could close anytime without notice.

Will I post another update on Maverick Target #1? No unless I take it out of Maverick Targets, and I don’t see this happening…

Don’t eat too much turkey.

Check Six,

The Maverick

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