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Nov 20 2008

Maverick Target #2 (Trivita) Vs Network Marketing (i.e. Apples vs Walnuts)

Maverick here…in New York…it is a bit cold…BRRRR…

Two weeks ago…I got an email from a contact in the home business industry…he was heavily pitching and hyping me on an obvious money game and SCAM which is designed to “Rob Peter to Pay Paul”.

Translation: Get the money from the guys that sign…and pay the people that signed up before them…rinse and repeat until the whole thing breaks down like a house built on sand when a heavy rain comes.

I politely told him that this is a money game and I am

1. Not interested in participating

2. I would not recommend this to anyone because I don’t associate my name with known SCAMS

And that he should take a serious look at Maverick Target #1 and Maverick Target #2 (legitimate businesses with a positive cash flow option – there is cash flow again!) to see what is paying me well without worrying about people getting stiffed or the company just disappearing one nite…

Here is the email trail…click on the link to make the picture open in a new window in bigger font:

Email Trail Group 1:

Email Trail Group 2:

Here is a supplemental answer I thought of later:

He never answered back…what can I say…someone has to be ready to see what I have seen after years of experience, mistakes, learning, and finally meeting the right people, with great friend and mentor Brad Weinman at the top, that will teach you and show you what works and what does not.

No I am not perfect (sometimes I think that but I come to reality quickly and yes I still have a lot to learn)…however, I have learned to recognize that something that pays a steady 12% per day for 12 days on your money cannot be anything real or legitimate.

And I refuse to participate…that would be an example of the BAD Maverick move…and I have done those in the past but NO MORE!

So what will I do with John…let him go and hope one day he will realize what he is doing and start looking for REAL investments and cash flow programs and not obvious SCAMS.

One tough aspect of being involved and recommending an obvious scam is that you take people down with you and then they lose trust in you when the next REAL cash flow program comes along and you attempt to recommend it.

Which is why I only have two Maverick Targets listed…I am participating in different things and of course there sometimes are targets of opportunity and exceptions to the rules, but not often.

Like my buddies that are trading FOREX…this is a very unique situation and I am very blessed to be associated with them. And this is what happens if you stick it out and learn from your mistakes.

As I have said before…that which will not kill you makes you stronger!

Check Six,

The Maverick

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