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Nov 13 2008

It Is Good To Pay A Price In FOREX Because When…

You meet the real thing you know it!

Maverick here…in Miami outside at the balcony of my apartment…writing this…

Two weeks ago I was visiting a very good friend in North Carolina, Daniel. He and I have known each other since June of 2005. How we met is for a different post and story…but all I will say is world is small and you just never know.

As you know by reading some of my posts or talking to me…I have always been interested in Forex (or Foreign Exchange, or Foreign Currency Trading). The challenge has been twofold:

1. Finding someone that really knows what they are doing so they can teach me

2. Find a system that will match my desired lifestyle (because I have said I don’t want to spend all day looking at the charts)…

There is a third one, but if you have the first one met they can show you how to overcome this one…and that is finding a reputable broker that will NOT run away with your money.

The challenge in the market is that you have very few people that you can find that they know what they are doing…most of them will not show you because you are out of their league or the rest of 99.5% are scammers…this is what I mean:

They have no basis or truth to their claims (OK that qualifies under a SCAM).

The people that wrote the manuals either got lucky in the market and the system will not work next week or are just plain lying (another definition of a SCAM).

There are more variations but I will not get into it any more here…

Well, Daniel is one of two people I have met personally that knows how to trade properly and he also has a friend that has an impeccable record…I met this friend of Daniels this May and have now seen him twice and after having paid a huge price in Forex I just know these two guys have it right…

Daniel for sure, and also his friend did not become a success overnite…you will not see that with any success…you can read Daniel’s trading journal here.

And his friend, who has focused even more has had some impressive numbers…

1. His number one goal is capital preservation, risk management, and equity management, compared to the crazy returns some of the hyipsters out there will tout

2. Has taken an account from $35,000 to over $1,000,000 in two years (this is real money folks, not MONOPOLY)

3. Uses the right broker

4. Uses no leverage, does not risk more than 1% of the account at any trade in most cases

5. Is a student of the TOP fund manager in the FX market, Chris Lori

6. His broker has asked him to open a trading account for him to trade clients funds (remember his broker sees what he is doing…does that tell you something?).

7. He does not know what a Drawdown is, as a matter of fact…I don’t think it exists in his vocabulary!

8. I can hear him talk…his language is different…he is in a different league!

I can probably list more, but you get the idea…and here is the most important thing…

They are both good people, with integrity and I can fully vouch for both and fully trust them.

I would not have it any other way.

So why am I writing this? Well…they are ready. They are going to be working together (Daniel and his friend) managing clients funds. One small drawback…the minimum required (you see…they will be trading straight with the banks…this is NOT sisy league)…is really high…for most…and I will leave it there.

Will not post it here…if you want to know what it is or you want more information you are welcome to contact me either through this post (just posting your information on the comments section is enough) or email/call me if you have my contact info.

Some of you that have read the Maverick Target Rules Of Engagement may say what the heck Mav, you are breaking the rules! Well, here what I will say to that:

1. Rules are made to be broken (for the right reason and hardly ever)

2. Daniel and his friend have been taking money out of the market for over two years…I know them personally (not in some obscure internet chat room), like them, trust them, and will vouch for them, so their records are as good as mine…so if you really read into my rules…I have not broken them!

Here is what I know…not too many people will qualify or know someone who qualifies for their services…chances are that they will only manage one or two clients funds in 2009…but

1. When you are talking about the amounts they are talking about and the money management and capital preservation (see the top reason Daniel and his friend are different above)

2. Once those accounts have 6-12 months (or more for some investors) of track record, we can go back to all the other ones that were not ready or had cold feet or did not meet the requirements at the time and let them know what is happening

Anything else to say for now…NO! The ones that want to will find me.

Check Six,

The Maverick

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