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Nov 04 2008

Maverick Target #2 Drive After The Meeting – 3 Foot Rule

Maverick Here…In Vegas…

Waiting for the flight to Miami…to go see kids and take care of some other personal business…like arguing (OK I will be friendly) with the hospital to sign my insurance claim form…they don’t have to do it…only if they want to get paid!

You are probably wondering what happened after the Trivita Convention. Well…I had talked to my friend Daryl, who is a FOREX trader, and figured out…what the heck…schedule a post convention meeting! We had not talked in person for a while…Vegas is only 4.5 hours drive from Phoenix…and I had heard the drive is beautiful.

So after I convinced my rental car company (a plug for Fox Rent-A-Car, no drop fees if you book through their site) to waive the Drop Fee I inherited through reserving on Orbitz, and had a nice hearty breakfast with by buddy Brad Weinman and his wife Chiara, I set off on the trip.

The goal was to leave at noon and be at Vegas at 6 or so (allowing some time for stopping in Sedona, which I heard is a great place). It did not quite work out that way…it never does…

I was originally going to take I-17 to Sedona but I did not…look at the map of my trip (enclosed). You can double-click on the picture to see it larger.

AZ Nature Experience Oct 2008

AZ Nature Experience Oct 2008

The drive after Prescott is breathtaking and the change of scenery…nothing less than constant…desert, trees, no trees, shrubs, red rocks, rain, mountain forest, awesome gorge views…just look below…

Approaching Sedona - Red Rock

Approaching Sedona - Red Rock

Interesting Sun Angle - Elevation 6700 Feet

Interesting Sun Angle - Elevation 6700 Feet

Mav With Victory Sign In The Mountains

Mav With Victory Sign In The Mountains

Took many more but that is enough for now…you should make the drive yourself. As I am approaching the village of Jerome…I figured I stop for a light lunch and lo and behold the waitress lived in the same town where I went to college…where I had just visited…you can read about the visit here.

Something happened and I started a conversation with the guy next to me…I think it was about his sandwich and my soup…and realized through a couple of questions I asked him that he is already retired and involved a home based business (a very good company). What I liked about him is that he had a low key attitude about it…and not the hype stuff I hear from most home based business enthusiasts…

We talked about his company a little and then the discussion came to marketing…and how to do it…and staying true to what I have learned…I mentioned to him that the best way is to brand himself…as I have learned from a great friend and mentor, Brad.

What got really interesting…is that the waitress I mentioned above got involved in the conversation and said that this is what her dad was known for (a successful salesman). He had branded himself by employing some very unique strategies to cater to his clients.

The meal was over…great soup by the way…carrot soup. Healthy yum…and on the way out…I was going to give him my card…but I was out. But we had made a good connection…he gladly gave me his. Will anything come out of it…sure! It always does. I have already sent him an email with my contact info…

Any of you heard of the three foot rule? If you have, that is the proper way to apply it. No ulterior motives, no agenda…just have fun and open your mouth…get to know people…and if you feel good about the connection, stay in touch. You never know.

The rest of the drive took a lot longer than I thought. Was it pretty…absolutely…but my little by pass and adventure trail driving added another 177 miles to the trip…and did keep Daryl waiting a little…ended up in Vegas at 747pm instead of 6pm…but he promised to forgive me.

Another interesting landmark is the Hoover Dam. Will have to explore this on the next trip…and there will be one.

Check Six,

The Maverick

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