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Nov 03 2008

Maverick Target #2 (Trivita) 2008 Convention Update Vol I

Maverick here…in Las Vegas…

Got so excited after attending Trivita’s convention (Maverick Target #2) this year that I jumped into a Dodge Charger and hi-tailed to Vegas…actually that is part of another Maverick Adventure/Reality…for another time…sometime in the next 7 days.

Needless to say…I went there to see if these people were for real…and they really have some good future plans for Trivita and for people that have put capital in it and to meet and learn from the Business Affiliates that are doing well with it.

And, of course, to see my good friend and mentor Brad Weinman and his lovely wife Chiara and learn from him and get updated on all his activities and the latest strategies that are working for leveraging our time and have more of a life instead of punching holes in our keyboard…

I cannot say this enough…Brad’s Attraction Marketing manual and the ensuing friendship/mentorship (we have a lot in common, we were born in the best year I know!)…has filled the biggest void in my quest for additional income streams outside of my flying activities…may be you should go and read the past two paragraphs again…

The pictures are not out yet but look for them in another 2-3 days…they are coming…as well as a very interesting adventure the day after the convention.

We met at a very beautiful resort, the Westin Kierland Resort And Spa…great place to go…great weather (no don’t go in the summer!)…and great location (two minutes from Trivita’s headquarters and two minutes from a very nice mall)…

Took the tour in the Trivita’s warehouse (a different company, Global Duplication and Fullfillment, that is owned by Ellison Media, Trivita’s parent company)…saw hundreds of boxes of products being shipped as a result of last nite’s TV infomercial and Business Affiliate Orders…

Then, had to run real quick to Banana Republic in the mall…needed a couple of shirts…did not bring any (don’t ask why please)…the result: three shirts for under $50 (and nice shirts!)

Met some very interesting people to include the founder and CEO, Michael Ellison, and his sons, Marcus and Luke (both involved in Trivita), the Chief Science Officer, Dr Brazos Minshew, and all support personnel that has helped me with the very few questions I had during the past 15 months that I have been a member…

What really made a stamp on me was the Trivita Founder, Michael Ellison….meeting me for the first time and welcoming me…he acted like he knew me for a long time…and one thing I could tell in his eyes…he meant it…the best word about the whole weekend I can think of is genuine.

Got to listen to Trivita’s vision, intention, their future plans, and of course got to mingle with some very interesting people, to include people in different ventures…it was great to put a name with a face and make some very interesting, unique, and lasting contacts…for me that is the biggest reason I go to these convention (aside of the fun and games and to learn)…is to get to know people…

And yes…I did spend a lot of time with Brad…we went to lunch, dinner, breakfast…talked…got to know each other more…and got some great tips and had some fantastic brainstorming.

So, what now…will I tell you the convention was unbelievable? Awesome? Incredible? I am so excited (well I did drive to Vegas!)? No! Will I tell you you need to get involved right now? For Sure NO!…remember, in the beginning of the blog (and for those that have not read this…do yourself a favor and go to READ THIS FIRST)…

So now what? There is really not much else to say except…if you want to see what it is like you need to be a big boy/girl and go yourself!

Well…I just think this is one of the most unsexy (so far but don’t hold your breath for long!) business ideas out there…it may not look appealing to the untrained eye…but think about this for a second…do you want to go our and create customers yourself out of scratch (YUCK!) or do you want a 37 year old media company with integrity and the right goals and vision helping you and partnering with you?

There are no stupid questions out there but the one I just asked is really CLOSE!

If you just had an idea…of what their media plans and vision are…what new SEXY products they are coming out with in the next 6-9 months…but the only way to find out is to see for yourself…do your due diligence…as a big boy and girl that you are (and I am not talking size! – if I am without knowing…you may want to take a look at the best weight loss methodology I have seen to date – with exercise of course!)

Nuff said…until the pictures come…

Check Six!

The Maverick

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