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Oct 26 2008

Why I Don’t Want To…Do Home Meetings…Ever Again!

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Maverick here…last Sunday nite I was in Miami…would catch a flight to NYC next morning to go to work (if you call flying JFK to Chicago to Anchorage work…)1150 at night and the phone rings…

It was an 856 number…I had no idea who it was…but I answered it. It was my good friend and big networker Dave from New Jersey…we had not talked for a long time…

He was wondering how I was doing and telling me some of his activities…6 1/2 years ago I had signed up as a customer and Marketing Executive with Melaleuca, when I got a call from a good friend and at the time I liked their products and method of operation and have even gone to two conventions.

I did enroll a few customers and even reached the rank of Director II (about 70 or so people in my group). Out of that I have 8 left and still collecting a very small check (around $25/mo) which helps pay for my monthly product order. Their products are fantastic and I will be their customer for a long time to come. But I stopped building a business more than four years ago because I did not want to die on the phone (no kidding!)…and also did not want to put a suit on to do a home meeting!

Opening Of Amway Greece And Tons Of Meetings!

Opening Of Amway Greece And Tons Of Meetings!

High School Buddy Nondas During An Amway Meeting In Greece

High School Buddy Nondas Doing An Amway Meeting In Greece (I Am Hidden But I Was There!)

You can go to my Resources Page (some great info there if you have not seen it…on the top) and get info on how to get Melaleuca Products if you wish.

In a way I wish they had a online mode of operation that allowed more freedom in building a business…anyway…may be they will one day…then we will see.

So Dave told me it was time to get all excited and get doing again making phone calls and doing home meetings and one on one presentations again…and frankly I had to tell him…NO WAY MAN!…five times…and I don’t think he understood!

I explained to him clearly that I was happy to hear from him…and would love to stay in touch…but at this point with the Maverick Targets I am locked on…not only I want to get some sleep…but I refuse to pick up the phone unless it is to answer a call from someone that has already been through my site, has done their homework and due diligence, and has either signed up or has intelligent questions about the Maverick Targets!

Here…let’s put this into perspective…take Maverick Target #2…I am partnered with a 36 year old Media Company that knows how to run infomercials and how to get customer orders from them (and many…I have been at the warehouse and saw the HUNDREDS OF BOXES ready to ship from their infomercial the nite before!).

They have given me the opportunity to participate in their PROVEN INFOMERCIAL COSTS (I don’t even call it advertising because I get customers that have already ordered once…any traditional businessmen that are reading this should be jumping up and down!) and get customers coded to my Business Affiliate number…I get paid a healthy commission for the life of the customer…and…

Get this…this infomercial company and their subsidiary nutritional company…does all the shipping…customer service…catalog sending…follow up…returns…complaints (they are not that many!)…they even have a special customer retention division…need I say more?

Here are my numbers…in case you don’t get it yet…I have 1221 customers…and two Business Affiliates for a customer to sales rep ratio of 407:1…now if you know about business…tell me…is this a healthy business…

Do you know how many of my customers I have talked to? Brace! ONE! In 15 months…and I think I left about 10 voice mail messages on some other ones…and the biggest reason I was calling is to thank them for some huge orders (upwards of $200!)…

So, let’s compare this to…calling people out of the blue…and home meetings…and one on one presentations…I don’t think Dave understands…yet! May be one day…but even if he does not…it is OK…

The kicker is…for anyone that finds what I say here music to their ears…I can show them how to do exactly the same…and have the same results…and for doing that and referring them as a business affiliate…Trivita will pay me a small commission…but when you are starting to add up hundreds and thousands and tens of thousands of real paying and reordering customers that could care less about a business attached to their orders…IT ADDS UP! And yes you can do the same!

This is even better than a franchise…not only the plan is there but you have a completely turn key way to implement it!

Enough said…more on Maverick Target #2 after this next weekend…yes…I am going to my first Trivita Convention…and will see what comes out of it…but my gut feeling…is….awesome…and my gut feeling rarely goes wrong.

Check Six,

The Maverick

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