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Aug 02 2008

About Me (Short Version With Pictures)

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Ok…this is for the fast readers (to include me!)…

And for those that believe that a picture is worth a thousand words…there a few thousand words here!

Hong Kong With Shades April 2008

With Leonidas And Eirini Outside Of Leonidas

Chocolates June 2008

Was born and raised in Athens Greece…had a ball in my childhood to include playing in the neighborhood, riding motorcycles (no my parents did not approve) and playing soccer (football is the right word)

My First Official Soccer Game With Halandri

Team April 1982 (goalie)

In The Backyard Of My House In Greece

April 1984 

Realized was not going to be a professional football player…so the next best fun thing to do with my life…fly airplanes! Left to go to college in the US at age 18.5 and studied at Western Michigan University where I had a ball again (played plenty of soccer and was part of the flight team among other fun things). Finished and joined the USAF

Love Soccer…playing for  Greek Team in

Detroit April 1985 during College

Setting Up The Line For Precision Landings With

The Flight Team Spring 1988

Warming Up For The Air Force – Leading A

Cessna 152 Formation – April 1987

Got The Airplane By The Prop

Summer 1987

Joined the USAF and got my dream airplane out of pilot training…spent a lot of time in Europe

Officer Training School San Antonio TX

April 1990

Practicing The Schedule – Pilot Training
Wichita Falls TX June 1990

My Dream Machine – Panama City FL
February 1992

Lost In East Germany – With High School
Buddy Takis – May 1993

One Of The Last Historic Flights in Holland
(Base Closed) – October 1993

Getting Ready For Red Flad in Las Vegas
November 1994

After pilot training I was introduced to the home business idea…had lots of fun but no one really showed me what to do and therefore lost a bit (a lot actually) money but made many great friends

Met A Greek Couple In Austria – Meeting
April 1994

With Two Air Force Buddies (? and Brian)
Big Weekend Function – Spring 1996

With John – Big Weekend Function
Summer 1997

During Greece Opening With John
March 1996

Yes I Did Give A Speech (At Least One)

December 1996 Wichita Falls TX

After the F-15 was a T-38 Instructor teaching both students and instructor candidates…

In Front Of T-38 Instructor Desk
Wichita Falls TX May 1995

Waiting For Take Off Runway 15R Sheppard AFB
TX May 1995

It is Warm In That Helmet – Sheppard AFB TX
May 1995

Doing The Walk Around With Student

Sheppard AFB TX May 1995

Joined the airline industry to pursue my dream of fun living…plenty of free time doing what you love to do

NYC – Chicago Oct 2005

With One Of My Favorite Captains (Hal)
October 2005

Alaska October 2006

Alaska October 2006

Flying With My Favorite Captain June 2008

Sunrise Over The Pacific June 2008

Never gave up on the idea of creating passive income from home and teaching others to do the same (always understood the value of time leverage)
Maverick Targets
Brad Weinman
Seth Daley
Mike Dillard

This blog is a culmination of more than 15 years of exposure and trial and error…thanks in large to the three people above…two of which I know personally and are very good friends, and the third I expect to meet very soon!

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One Response to “About Me (Short Version With Pictures)”

  1. Mary Papageorgiouon 30 Aug 2009 at 11:27 pm

    The day you send this I had looked after I went through the videos first, but
    it was late and I was feeling sleepy to write a comment. You realy have
    shown in a few photos the main stages of your life. As a grown up you look more like your Dad, but I think you have lost a few hair or you have shaved them!!!!!! a lot of people shave them. We have in the community here four people that I know that they shaved their head. Hot weather in FL, so they feel
    more comfortable without hair. That’s a minor observation. You look and you are
    wonderful and God bless you and your family.
    Best regards

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