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Oct 20 2008

Maverick Birthday Resolutions

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Maverick here…in NYC waiting to catch a nice flight to Chicago and Anchorage tomorrow…

Instead of Hong Kong they are sending me to Chicago for a couple of days…excellent opportunity to visit where I went to college in Kalamazoo, MI, if any of you has kids that want to learn about aviation in an excellent environment, Western Michigan University Aviation is awesome.

And, since it happens to be my birthday today…42 years ago…I finally got off this special piece of mail I received this summer and I wanted to share with you…click on the image and will upload in a new window so you can see it really big…

Social Security Motivation

Social Security Motivation

Any idea what this is? Those of you in the US…should know…for those of you international dudes/dudettes…it is the Social Security/Social Insurance statement…and to say the least, it is great motivation to do something else other than waiting for them.

Will they be around? Honestly, I don’t know…and I don’t care…because I am NOT counting on them. I have, as you have seen if you have read this blog at all, taken matters into my own hands with a few expert advisors that are where I want to be…and it is not the world of the $10,000,000 in the bank…it is a different world…

One of the key words in this new world…is…OK may be a bit of gold and silver…but the real key word is cash flow…have you heard the saying…cash flow is king? Well, in these interesting times that is what matters…notice I am not saying tough…because some people (The Maverick included) are adjusting…recoiling…firing…and locking on targets that will bring them very nice cash flow…

Ok if you have a bunch of cash laying around…is good…but unless you can convert it to cash flow you will eventually be out of the game…

And of course, I want to reflect and remember my ultimate goal (aside from raising two great kids which will always be #1)…the Viperjet and what it will do to many peoples’ lives…not just mine.

Had many people try to tell me…hey mav…you really seem like you don’t care if anyone participates in any of the programs you list there…guess what…they are right…with one small mistake…I care…but I am sick and tired of people that want to be spoonfed all the information and be held by the hand…you want to do that…that is fine…I have a perfect solution for that…it is called virtual assistant…

Why you may ask? Because I have a life and you should too…she will take perfect care of you and leave the important details i.e. strategic/tactical planning…target analysis and evaluation (automated cash flow muse development)…if you read Tim Ferris’s book the Four Hour Workweek you would know what I mean…

Check Six,

The Maverick

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  1. Orbieon 20 Oct 2008 at 11:06 pm

    Hey Mav,

    Pithy message… but that SSA report did not show the estimated Medicare hit your monthly benefit will take at age 65. Yes, it can be even worse.

    Kind regards,


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