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Oct 16 2008

What New Targets Is Maverick Rolling In On Now?

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Maverick here…New York City…landed last nite…and going to visit kids in Miami tomorrow…

This was a really cool flight from Anchorage as I got to fly with a First Officer that was in the Navy, flew F-18s and is still on the Reservers…you think we had some stuff to talk about?

Spent almost half of the six hour flight catching up…and yes we left some for the next flight or for the bar in Anchorage or Hong Kong.

You may be wondering…how come I have not locked and listed on any more Maverick Targets since July? Is it I am just resting on my laurels with Maverick Target #1 (Private) and Maverick Target #2 (Trivita)?

Granted, those two targets above are Hard Locked…but I am not resting…not in the least…if only you had an idea what the Maverick has been doing…he has been pointing his radar at a few different targets consistent with The Maverick Targets Rules Of Engagement (ROE). You may want to review the ROE if you have not already.

Gold Purchasing Program That is NOT Affected By Gold Shortage

Unique Reverse Auction System On Autopilot

Special FX Hedging Software

Discount Silver Purchasing Program

Special Forex Trading Fund With Close Buddy As Fund Manager

Totally Private Investment Program

There are a couple of more targets but those are the ones I am very close to listing as Locked Maverick Targets that are landing cash in my bank account (or under my pillow…I think this is safer!)

Over the next few days…I will give you a quick overview of each target I am looking at so you can get an idea.

Check Six,

The Maverick

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