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Oct 01 2008

Goals – Are They Important? Why Am I Doing This (Part 2)?

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…Maverick Here in NYC…getting ready to take a jet to Alaska and it is getting a bit cold there…winter is coming!

Some of you have been wondering why I am doing this…is it for the money? Is it for fame? Is it for what?

OK…The Maverick will answer…straight…

I did post a previous video on this…but I will expand on it a little bit…here is the original post

Sep 12 Post on Why Am I Doing This?

The first reason needs no explanation…but the second…hmm…just a little would not hurt…I will sum it up in a sentence and a video:

“To enjoy the heck out of flying while I provide a unique service of giving people the opportunity to see what it is to fly a fighter jet aircraft for a reasonable donation, while giving them the option to contribute to the cause of their choice, and while contributing a good chunk of the proceeds to selected charitable causes that need attention and care.”

How will I do this exactly and how will be funded…part or all from Maverick Targets…part from a Joint Venture (I am willing to discuss proposals)…

The airplane takes two years to build from the turn of the first screwdriver…and I will make the first deposit in the first half of 2009.

There is much more to go into planning…but…as one of my favorite movies (as you see I do have a few) called Field Of Dreams or you can get it in Video On Demand and watch it from your computer.

The best thing Kevin Costner said on the movie was…if you build it…they will come! I will change that a little: I will build it…and they will come!

What is your goal? Why are you doing what you are doing? If you don’t know…good idea to find out why and you may not find out by sitting down and trying to think…thinking is bad most of the time…it will get revealed to you in due time…and when it does…you better take action!

Check Six,

The Maverick

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