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Sep 24 2008

Target Of Opportunity – What Is It And How Can You Gain From It?

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Maverick Here…

Still in Athens, Greece with a bit of back pain…will make this post in parts since I am not in a position (thanks F-15!) to sit down for a long time…

Don’t know if you have ran into this term…target of opportunity…here is the definition from my Eagle Days I found in the Free Dictionary:

A target visible to a surface or air sensor or observer, which is within range of available weapons and against which fire has not been scheduled or requested.

In other words, you are out looking to lock on your target, and you see this target within the Rules Of Engagement, and you lock, shoot, and kill!

I have already emailed a few friends about this, but since the President of this company is a great personal friend of mine, I will list it here as a Target Of Opportunity.

This is a Pre-PPM, Pre-IPO investment situation where you invest your money privately with a company before it goes public and before it even issues the PPM (Private Placement Memorandum). For a definition of PPM, Wikipedia has a really good one.

To see who my friend is and his picture, go to Testimonials right here on this blog. Casper Stockham is the dude.

Before you read too much into this…the minimum investment is $2,000

The company’s name is I AM Smart Tech and you can access the investor site directly here:

I will also include a copy of the email Casper just sent…

Fund Raising Strategy

Fund Raising Phase I (Pre-PPM). (Double Private Stock)

This phase will end on Friday the 26th of Sept 2008. We are currently valued at 5 million based on retail commitments, e.g. Ace Hardware and a nationwide marketing strategy. We are looking for a final $50,000.00 – $150,000.00 to close this phase out.

Fund Raising Phase II (504-PPM) (Private Stock)

During this phase we will be valued at 8 million based on PO’s, e.g. Ace Hardware, nationwide marketing strategies, e.g. Infomercials, Ad campaigns, etc. We are looking for a max of $800,000.00 during this round of funding.

Our legal counsel for the PPM is Franklin Green Esq. Attorney and Counselor at Law, PLLC. 202.742.6744.

Fund Raising Phase III (IPO) (Public Stock)

During this phase we should be re-evaluated at 3 or 4 times our PPM private offering value of 8 million.
We are looking to raise $20 – $30 million during this phase. The IPO will be prepared by Jim McKellop of Tiber Creek, 310-888-1870. They have 15 plus years of experience.

Investment Strategy

We are literally days away from a (PPM) Private Placement Memorandum that has strengthened the company and has put us even closer to an IPO Public Offering. When we go public WE WILL ALL benefit financially.
Most companies triple or quadruple when they go public and we should see similar results and here’s WHY!

1) We have an arrangement with ACE Hardware Corporate to place the Smart Switch products in their stores throughout the country starting in Colorado. This roll out alone could bring in millions in revenue.

2) We have other arrangements to place the product on Infomercials and other media outlets.

3) We have distributors on-board to market the product throughout the country.

4) We also have a former SEC Attorney on board who is a securities expert and is ready to handle our transition from Private to Public.

Exit Strategy for Investors

1) Anyone who invests during the Pre-PPM phase will receive double the stock at $3.50 a share plus a return on their investment at 18% in one year. The Exit Strategy for anyone here is two fold. They will have the return on their investment plus they can sell their stock, once we go public, at the higher value to turn a profit.

2) Anyone who invests during the PPM phase WILL ONLY have the option to sell their stock once we go public, at the higher value to turn a profit.

3) Anyone who invest during the IPO phase or stays on board with us through ALL phase will benefit financially from a large company expansion as we open nationwide and expand to other countries around
the world.

If you feel this is for you…contact Casper directly +1.303.699.9432. He is a friendly, outgoing guy and would be more than happy to entertain questions…after you have done your homework…and ask him if it is OK to pay by Paypal…

Check Six,

The Maverick

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