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Sep 22 2008

Gutsiest Move I Ever Saw Man!

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Maverick here…do you remember in the Top Gun Movie where Kelly McGillis (a civilian instructor call sign “Charlie”) tried to tell Maverick (Tom Cruise) that his move was a big gamble even though he won the fight and that, in so many words, should not be attempted again…

One of the best awards you can earn in combat aviation, is the respect of your peers…right after Charlie slams Maverick (she is in love with him but we will leave that for now) and shows an example of what is “supposed to be” a textbook combat maneuver, one of the best scenes (and little noticed) takes place…

Slider, Iceman’s back seater (RIO – Radar Systems Officer) reaches and whispers in Mavericks ear: “Gutsiest Move I Ever Saw Man”. That statement said it all…Maverick had earned the respect of Slider. Here is an audio of it…or you can just get the movie

Gutsiest Move


If you have not watched Top Gun lately…you need to see it…no kidding…there is so many things you can learn from…some to do…some not to do…both equally important…so go get it!

And, The Maverick made a Gutsy Financial Move: Just put another hefty five figure chunk into Locked In Maverick Target #1

Why did I do it…everything is telling me these two ladies and their team have their shit together. And I wanted to max out my earnings potential and land more cash flow before Christmas…I have two kids remember?

Before I made the gutsy move, I re-evaluated all their business, talked to my special agents (people I know that know some of their executive board members) and also listened to my gut. I waited a few more days than I had planned for me to see them making a couple of more moves that confirmed my gut feeling…

And then I pulled the trigger…

There are a couple of more things for you to know…I did this with profits from that specific Maverick Target…already have pulled my original principal out last April, and have been in the black since…now it is September…so I had four straight months of profits.

The other factor I evaluated before I pulled the trigger is how fast I would get my chunk back…the answer was “less than four months’’ which is satisfactory (6 months or less is a great risk-reward ratio for me).

Will I report on the results? You know that answer…until then…

Check Six!

The Maverick

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