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Sep 18 2008

I Will NOT! Take Any More Shit About “Out Of The Box”

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Maverick here…on an airplane flying to Europe…actually since I don’t feel like paying Lufthansa money for their internet in-flight, you will get this after I am on the ground…bit polished and with a couple of nice videos.

Most of you watching the news…like my son Leonidas says and makes me laugh so hard…may be yes…may be no…but I will not assume…

Here you go…flash for you…three of the Wall Streets Top Investment Banks (Bear Stearns, Merrill Lynch, and Lehman Brothers) are in dire financial straits…a top insurer, AIG, is in serious financial trouble and will need a $85B (yes it is B) loan from the government to stay afloat.




And no one really knows and I don’t even care to think about how many more banks or investment houses or insurance companies are in the brink of a financial crash.

Here is another video with FOX News John Cavuto and Representative Ron Paul talking about the meltdown:


Why? Many reasons…where do I start…cooking the books…making silly investments…CEOs taking lavish million dollar salaries and all kinds of bonuses…careless management decisions…need I go on?

And I still have people give me shit about being risky with “out of the box” investments…and I am so mad I will not take it any more!

Let’s face it…you have choices to make…you can stick your money in the bank or under your pillow…I prefer doing some of both just in case another bank fails…so I am diversified!

So…I had people tell me…hey Maverick…all this crazy stuff you are investing in…you have no idea where your money goes…and you can never get your investment back…so it must be a rip off or a snake oil deal…

Actually I kind of like snakes…specially the Viper…go look here and see why…

So, the next time you will write me an email or pick up the phone and give me shit about the Maverick Targets, be prepared to get a very interesting line of questioning about your investments…

Because if you think you know where your money goes when you put it with a so-called “registered” investment entity and let it go into the hands of a well-dressed guy or gal with a suit and tie…you may know less than you think…the recent events above prove it.

What is wrong with putting money into a situation where a group of one of the most honest and diligent business people I know have figured out how give huge value to the members?

What is wrong with sharing in some of the profits of those people and their partners’ well-placed investments just because you are an investor in the group and you believed in them (there is much more here I have sworn to Secrecy…unless you become a member too)?

What is wrong with partnering with a 36 year old Media Company and sharing the advertising costs for their well-placed, well-thought-of, and very effective infomercials (having been in their warehouse the day after an infomercial I have seen the results first hand)?

What is wrong with making a healthy commission when you get customers coded to you for as long as they order (which for some it is a lifetime) products that are wide-appealing, emotional, high-quality, effective, and well-priced?

What is wrong with buying Silver at less than wholesale price?

What is wrong with buying Gold in a way that would dramatically reduce your chances of it being confiscated should any government decide to take that measure?

What is wrong with partnering with a great friend and offering someone one of the best Forex Funds in the industry where the #1 goal is Capital preservation and not crazy profits the one month and 0 balance the next?

What is wrong with having direct access to the trader through the Maverick?

What is wrong with participating and being able to teach the best way to take advantage of the Forex market for those that don’t want to learn how to trade and to maintain control of their own money in their own account…and a way that has the minimum risk I have seen?

Tell me…I am willing to listen but not for long…because the big difference between you and I is that every Maverick Target I have locked on…not sweeping the radar…the money is in the bank or under the pilot baby!

And as one of my favorite actors (even though he has acted as an asshole a few times, good on him), Tom Cruise says in Jerry Maguire movie (another great and I suggest you watch it!)…

Jerry Maguire [Blu-ray]


Show me the money!

The rest is just BS and a waste of my time!

Check Six!

The Maverick

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