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Sep 15 2008

Maverick Target Radar Sweep Briefing

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Maverick here from warm and humid Miami…

At home with a sick puppy…Eirini caught some crud on a pool party this week and her body is reacting with a nice fever. She is in bed with fluids, cold compresses…and relaxation…she did watch meet the parents this morning though (hilarious movie, have you seen it?)…

I would be remiss if I did not let you know about something that happened last week with a Forex Target I have been involved in for about 30 months and have paid a heck of a price learning. Have not listed it on the Maverick Targets but I started trading it again on a DEMO account and have seen very interesting results which I will post here already…

Without revealing names since I will not list it as a target until I am starting to trade live money by the end of the year…I will tell you that you don’t have to know hardly anything about how to trade FOREX to lock in and shoot this target…and you can manage it yourself with less than 5 hours a week of work (when you want to, no specific time you need to be in the computer).

I have already been asked…is there a way to lock on this target completely passively…the answer is…I have all my radars sweeping to make sure there is a way to lock on this target passively, should it be identified for lock and shoot down.

So, here is the jist of it…you are hedged in the market both ways and capture small profits as the market goes up and down. Your exposure is very minimal, as it is your risk (there is always risk in the Forex markets).

But, but, but, here is the kicker:

The amount of money to pay to stay in the market with open positions (interest) is a fraction of the profit you capture over time with your pre-planned buy and sell orders. And since the risk is minimal by your small exposure, you stand to do very very well long term and have a very strong target lock.

I will put below a screen shot of my DEMO account since Friday…there are quite a few transactions since the market has been a bit crazy over the weekend…however, I would like you to pay attention to a couple of key Definitions that I will also point out on the screen shot (heck forget the screen shot I will make a video!)

Account Statement And Explanation Video

Also, I made some screen shots since, due to technical challenges, I was not in a position to embed the video for you to watch ON the site.

Profit From Closed Trades

Profit From Closed Trades

Account Summary

Account Summary

Balance: The amount of the starting capital plus closed trades and interest paid…you will see a nice positive value here that explains

Equity: The current value of the account (if I closed all positions) based on the movement of the market. Over the long run as long as the exposure is small this will go up…and up…and up…

Currently you do see the equity being a bit down due to the fluctuation of the market…compared to the $50,000 I started with…but you do also notice the very healthy closed trades and this is over Friday, Sunday nite (markets closed Fri-Sun nite) and Monday morning!

I will keep you updated…my special radar tells me to keep this in short range…

Check Six,

The Maverick

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