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Aug 24 2008

Going Fishing – What If You Catch Nothing?

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Maverick checking in from nice and warm Anchorage…yes it was 20C today!

When I was told that Chicago, Detroit, and New York are colder than Anchorage in the winter, I did not believe it…but it is true…and it is beautiful in the summer…if it does not rain every day!

Had a full day of layover on the 19th of August…my six year anniversary with my airline…and I figured I would celebrate it by going fishing…one of our mechanics here suggested a place in Seward, two and a half hours from Anchorage. Made all the required arrangements and drove down to Seward on my own since none of my buddies came along.

The drive down was in the middle of the nite, so I did not enjoy much of the scenery except the full moon…arrived in Seward…checked in the fishing place, and way we go…

It was light by now (6am was the departure time), so I started enjoying the beautiful scenery, chatting with the people that were on the charter boat (there were 10 of us) and looking forward to catching some serious fish…

To my frustration, after 4.5 hours of fishing from various spots, and seeing half of the people on the boat catch something…I was left holding the bag…well not really…but I sure was not holding any fish…

How could this happen to the Maverick…I was told you always catch something when you go fishing in Seward…well they (have you ever figured out who they is…please let me know!) were wrong!

The Captain and his Quarter Deck master did tell us that is was the worst day for fishing the whole year…the seas were really rough and yes I did witness one Argentinian girl (what was she doing in Alaska?) part with her breakfast three times…she did look horrible!

Well…they may have been wrong about the fishing…but they were right about the great time I had…and I could be all upset until I realized a few interesting things about my trip:

1. I got to meet some very interesting people (besides the show by the Argentinian girl), to include some people from Michigan, where I went to college and had some very interesting talks

2. Saw some great natural scenery (see pics below)

Sunrise Behind "The Rock"

Sunrise Behind The Rock

Two Beautiful Rocks (Can You See The Eagle?)

3. The drive back was so beautiful (I thought I was in Switzerland)

4. I have a reason to go back…the Maverick will bring some fish home!

5. I missed a typhoon in Hong Kong (it is sporty but I have already seen a landing in a typhoon this year, one per year is plenty enough!)

6. After all it is said and done…it is the journey, not the destination!

Check Six,

The Maverick

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