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Aug 20 2008

Lesson In Multitasking – SKYPE Needs Help!

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Well…someone tried to convince The Maverick that he should reconsider Multitasking…NOT!

Multitasking is here to stay!

Last weekend…I initiated in Group Chat in SKYPE to let everyone in my contact list know Maverick Income Systems is up and running…and then I kept chatting with all the members not knowing that everyone else will be off the chat.

SKYPE Group Chat Lesson #1: If you answer a chat that comes from a member you have invited in a group chat, all the other members will see the conversation…DUH! And SKYPE will not let you kick members out or end the chat…you can only leave…YUCK!

SKYPE Group Chat Lesson #2: Read the instructions and start a public chat not a group chat…that gives you read only options and permissions…i.e. people cannot post unless you approved them and then you can end the public chat forever…

So there you have it…SKYPE has many abilities as I am finding out every day. And it is mainly free…I do pay $30 per year for an online number and $2.99/month for unlimited calls to US/Canada. Small catch: You got to have a good stable broadband connection…most of us have that these days.

And it is the best way to find me…I even post where I am…but not exactly…you do have to do some radar searching to locate my exact coordinates.

Enjoy SKYPE…and check six,

The Maverick

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