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Aug 17 2008

What Is A Maverick?

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If you look at a dictionary, you find the following definitions for a Maverick:



So, do you really want to be dealing with a maverick? The answer: It Depends on what kind of maverick that person is…you see there are two kinds…one that has total recklessness and disregard for all rules and just does not care, or one that knows when and where to break the rules and/or go on his own despite public criticism or disagreement? I am sure you know the right answer.

The movie “Top Gun” has the perfect example of both types of mavericks in the same person, the lead character, Tom Cruise. This is a great movie and you will learn a lot about the right and the wrong types of Maverick by watching it…you can get it here:

Top Gun

Top Gun

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In the beginning, he breaks all rules and totally flies by the seat of his pants, and he has a good reason for it…his dad, who was also a fighter pilot, died in Vietnam…the government gave some obscure reason on why he died without disclosing full details. Maverick is very bitter about this and he always gives the impression he is flying like he has to prove something…

Below are just a few examples of what he did before he learned the real truth about his dad…

Cougar Save

“Correcting” His Combat Instructor

Buzzing The Tower

Even his Squadron mates pointed out to him that his attitude…even Iceman, one of the best pilots in his Squadron said to him that it was not his flying but his attitude…and asked him what side he was on…

Two events changed Tom Cruise’s life and his maverick type from the careless one to the diligent one…

1. The death of his buddy and back seater “Goose”…this happened by no fault of “Maverick”, but he beat himself so much to the point where he could not fly any more and quit Top Gun

2. The meeting with his Top Gun Commander “Viper”…while he was contemplating coming back…he saw a picture of his dad with “Viper” on the wall…and asked about it. Then Viper told him the whole story…that his dad did everything right and sacrificed himself, saving three airplanes…

The meeting with “Viper” changed “Maverick’s” attitude…he showed up back to Top Gun and was instrumental in a very difficult engagement with five enemy, where he shot down three, saving Iceman.

Great movie…and many lessons about how to be and how not to be a Maverick!

So, what does this have to do with me? Lots, both in flying and in the Maverick Targets selection and attack strategy…

In flying, the fact I am still here (except luck and angels watching over me) is good proof that I have learned a few lessons…of how not to fly…there are many things I have done in the past that I would NOT do today…it is also called experience…as long you don’t die from it it is great!

I have learned the much by losing money and time in turning my radar to Invalid Targets in the past…it resulted in a “Break Lock”…and that is saved for a special report that I am designing for you…stay tuned…

Check Six,

The Maverick

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2 Responses to “What Is A Maverick?”

  1. Daveon 03 Sep 2008 at 7:16 am

    I agree there are numerous types of mavericks. However, in Top Gun, there is only one kind of maverick. Whenever Tom Cruise was selfish, he was a maverick and dangerous. Any lesson he “learned” was to not be a maverick.

    And while Top Gun was entertaining, it’s not a good movie, especially if you are looking for lessons in behavior. If the movie was really supposed to teach us that some mavericks are bad, then he should have paid a price for his behavior and he never paid that price.

    That being said, I still love some of those scenes with the F-14s.

  2. Maverickon 03 Sep 2008 at 6:15 pm

    Very interesting angle…so you are adding the fact that Tom Cruise was dangerous when he was selfish…of course…and the biggest reason is that he was flying against his dad’s ghost!

    And he did pay a price…that was losing his buddy Goose…

    I have a good friend in the USAF that he lost a friend due to his mistake while he lived…and another example I will not disclose here…but talk to “Hunter” and see how bad he feels…about “Oly” still!

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