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Aug 14 2008

Maverick Target #2 – Trivita (Updated Nov 2010 – Broke Lock)

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Target Coordinates: Trivita (Excellent Business Building Asset Target!)

Short Target Description: Media, Advertising, and Wellness Company -Offers wellness products to the general public through infomercial and a business affiliate network.

More Target Detail: Trivita is owned by a 30 year old media company that knows well how to acquire customers. They have expanded their business to allow business affiliates like us the opportunity to share in their revenues by sharing in their advertising costs.

By sharing in Trivita’s advertising costs and “purchasing customers” or otherwise known as “Media Contacts” you get that specific customer “coded” to you for life. What that means is you have just purchased a cash producing asset because many of those customers order month after month with no effort on your part.

Trivita handles all the marketing, product manufacturing and shipping, customer retention efforts, catalog sending, customer service etc. All you do is purchase customers. We have a special

Time capital recovered – expected 24-36 months (revised over 8 years with current cash flow…too long)

I started with $1500 in July 31, 2007 and have purchased many more media contacts

To keep this target locked you need to purchase Media Contacts and order a minimum of $40/mo +shipping about $50 total.

Until today, I have put in total of $68000 so far (I have reinvested my commissions so far and I will do it until December of 2010). Call me so I can explain the best way to get started.

Note I do see this as a long term asset…and something even more important…I deduct all customer purchases as a straight advertising costs for my taxes and you can too!

My monthly cash flow is 7777 (update September 2011)

Check Six,

The Maverick

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