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Jul 23 2008

Dino “The Maverick” Stylianopoulos Joins The Web Loggers World!

Thanks to my great friend Seth Daley his fantastic Blog Teleseminar with Blogging Queen, Trish Jones, I have finally joined the ranks of the Web Loggers, otherwise known as the bloggers…

It took me some time but I realized that static websites are just about dead…blogs are the way to go…you can expect much more fresh, interesting, useful content and suggestions.

You can stay updated and tuned on all my Maverick Income Programs that are especially designed with professionals in mind, interesting things that happen to my life we can all learn from, and much much more.

It will take a little bit of time to integrate everything I want to integrate in this blog (audio/video and a few surprises)…stay tuned!

The Maverick Income Systems blog will be the main way to communicate with you and will be very dynamic! Make sure you subscribe to my RSS feed as well as the newsletter…

The Maverick Out…

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