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Jul 28 2008

Is Retirement Really A Myth…Or Does Is Still Exist? Do You Want It?

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Well…that depends…how do you define retirement?

You will hear most people define retirement as the time where you stop working and do nothing.

The Merriam-Webster online dictionary defines retirement as

1 a: an act of retiring : the state of being retired b: withdrawal from one’s position or occupation or from active working life c: the age at which one normally retires <reaches retirement in May>2: a place of seclusion or privacy

So, let’s think about this…you want to stop doing what you are doing…and stop working…have you tried to think about this at for a second? You want to just do nothing and lay on a beach all day?

Have you tried doing this…well may be it is for you, but if you ask me (and most other people I know)…we all would be bored out of our ears sitting “on the beaches of the world”…all day with nothing to do…

Do you know what happens when you stop working and have really nothing to look forward to? Let me tell you what happens to most people within 18 months of their retirement…they die…is that what you want for yourself? I doubt it!

Since you will not be bored and have something to look forward to…like travel and go visit all these places you always wanted to…do all the great things you wanted to…like parasailing…turtle raising…etc etc…I do have two questions that I asked myself and I hope you ask yourself also:

1. Doing most of these things take money…aside from what you need for every day life…do you think you can afford them? Do you have any idea of what it will require in all these retirement funds when the government takes their share and then inflation takes the rest?

Have you read any reports that some people will NEVER be able to really stop working based on the phase-out of traditional retirement plans (the ones that pay you a percentage of your salary when you were working or a handsome sum when you stop)?

2. Do you think that when you retire, if you can retire (age 65 is a conservative example), you be in the physical condition to do all these great things to include travel to foreign places or all kinds of activities that would require a good state of health?

Just a couple of questions to ponder…and the final one…why not do most of these things now? Or why not at least spread them over the course of your life to increase greatly the chances of you having the money and the health to do them…

It is really sad…you can find more 18 year olds with a $100 in their pockets than 65 year olds…ever wonder why? Are you going to do anything about it?

Well, in that regard, I am blessed…the airline pilot lifestyle does allow me for many mini-retirements…where I have 10-14 days off to take trips with my kids, take courses, relax at home or on the beach, go skiing, and do really whatever I would like to do.

But not everyone has this opportunity, unless you are at an industry that gives you blocks of time off like the airline or the cruise industry…to name a couple.

The best book I have read about structuring your life so you don’t have to wait till it’s too late is Tim Ferris’s (yes I have met him personally) Four Hour workweek.

Tim is a very NO BS, down to earth guy…it was a pleasure to talk to him and he had some great ideas for me…you can get this book here…

The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich

So, get a plan in place to have many mini-retirements along your life…and to start doing all these things you wanted to do when you retire…now!



Check Six,

The Maverick

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