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Nov 27 2011

Great Place To Eat Greek Food In Alaska

Published by at 4:11 am under Maverick Adventures

Maverick here…

In Alaska…BRRRR….-18C I think that is in the negatives in the Farenheit scale also…

This has been a long time coming…have met some great Greek guys here that do some awesome Greek/Italian food that anyone visiting here should try. The Greek stuff is quite healthy and heck…once in a while it does not hurt to treat yourself.

I have included their brochures here so you can order as you please. But they will only deliver in Alaska…or you can workout a deal with them!



They will not only take good care of you, but they will let you take home what you don’t finish.

Of course you would want to do a good round of exercising after you are finished.

Enjoy the menu…and eat responsibly…and…

Always Check Six!

The Maverick

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