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Sep 07 2011

Maverick Target #5 – Private Passive Income Club – Limited Time Window

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Risk Free Passive Profits With No Time Investment And No Recruiting Required!

You have before you an incredible opportunity to make passive income with a one-time capital outlay, no time investment except for the initial setup that takes 20 minutes, no auto-ship, no special skills, and no recruiting. The company I am associated with has been doing this for two years. I joined them in Dec 2009. You can recruit if you want to which will result in skyrocketing of your passive profits because you can add the recruiting bonuses to your investment capital.

This is a very private program that has been closed for 17 months and is re-opening from today until December 24th of this year for the last time.  You only have 109 days to take action. If you would like more information and joining instructions, please include your Name, Email Address, and Phone number below.

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