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May 05 2011

My Buddy Frederic Beachbody Experience – Why I Do This

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Maverick here…In the Philippines on leave…going back to Miami to see kids this weekend and meet with my good friend from the USAF Tom and his wife Theresa.

My buddy Frederic had the following to say…publicly:

This is why I am a Beachbody Coach…I know that through getting better all the time through products that are time proven and effective, I can inspire people that notice the changes and…they will also make a change…which will…inspire others to do so…and before you know it a bunch of people are healthier, feel better and…even have a healthier pocket book..

Something important Frederic says…he was NOT looking to lose weight…he was looking to GAIN weight in the right places…and Beachbody helped him do just that…let’s put it this weight…I would not want to fight him on the street unless he was fighting WITH ME!

See what you can also do with Beachbody…what they have done to give you an incredible opportunity to turn your fitness success into an inspiration for others and…a healthier financial future.

Here is something else I just learned about fitness…from Beachbody Star Coach Traci Morrow:

Everyone has something about their body the would like to change…and 99% of the time…Beachbody has something that can help you achieve it!

Check in…use our products…and heck…you can turn your health and fitness success into profit…

Check Six…and Stay Healthy,

The Maverick

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