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Mar 19 2011

Core Synergistics 18 March Inspiration – Must Track!

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Maverick here…in Miami…just finished a core synergistics P90X workout part of my recovery week..

Realized that as soon as I warmed up…I forgot to..hmmm…have my tracking sheet!

So I stopped the workout grabbed the first clean sheet I saw…and started tracking… How do you know how you are doing unless you track it?

Results are below…here is the jist…even though I have done this workout so many times…I did more exercises and in MUCH better form than before…I can tell…my body can tell…and I was honest on the sheet…because…

When you do different workouts and types of Workouts (like Insanity, P90X One on One, P90X PLUS, and Rev Abs), you just keep getting better and better…it is a GOOD vicious cycle! Here is the sheet…you can read it yourself…GF and GR F are self explanatory…for very good form!

Core Synergistics Tracking 18 March 2011

Core Synergistics Tracking 18 March 2011

What you cannot see is the sweat. Trust me it was there…now the sheet is dry!

There may be a myth where you do something for 90 days and you completely change your life…and then just go back…that myth is what it is…a myth…for long term lasting results you must make a complete and lasting change! Like Homer Simpson…I could have also said…DUH! This lady did!

Don’t let your guard down…is another great term used by many war leaders of our time!

Check Six…and stay Healthy,

The Maverick

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