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Mar 17 2011

This Is Why I Tell People About Beachbody Products

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Maverick here…in Miami…enjoying time off with kids.

Just wanted to let you read an email I received from one of my best friends. He is also a pilot.


I started P90X+ today. My first workout was interval X plus, and tomorrow morning early I will do Upper plus and ab core. HOLY SHIT! When I saw it was only 38 mins total, I knew I was going to be in trouble!                

This is great because I was getting a bit bored on P90X, lacking motivation, and it was the perfect time to start it. I absolutely love it. This is exactly what I needed to continue my quest.

I was exhausted after finishing, and that recovery drink made a world of difference. Now, Miu started Turbofire. She LOVES it! The routine is not long, just over 30 mins for some or 18 for others, but, but but but. OMG

it kicks your ass. very interesting how it parallels the thinking of P90X concept. Her program is 20 weeks. I’ll be tickled to death if she does 10, and who knows, perhaps she will get really challenged.”

This email says it all…here are a couple of short videos of Frederic and I working out in San Antonio last Spring.

When you make a decision and get healthier…you will inspire other people…to do the same…this is magical and what has caused Beachbody to explode in sales and in coaches.

Started to say one thing to friends now…hey dude/dudette…may be you are interested in getting healthier and are ready to do something and may be you are not…but do your loved ones a favor…tell them about what we are doing…and I would be glad to help in any way that I can…we don’t want to keep this a secret!

So…I am asking you to do the same:

1. Embark on a journey to change yourself and become healthier…with known products that work

2. Tell your loved ones about Beachbody…some will thank you for their rest of their lives!

Check six…and stay healthy…it is…PRICELESS!

The Maverick

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