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Mar 11 2011

Fantastic Healthy Greek Food You Can Enjoy

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Maverick here…

In Chicago getting ready to fly up to Alaska and then on to Hong Kong…just finished a deadly P90X MCII (coming in September but I have the preview DVDs, you can get them here) workout!

My buddy Mike just sent me these three ads which go very well along with the Healthy Eating lifestyle together with great tasting food we have adopted as Greeks. It even goes along with the Beachbody Recipes (you can access them by joining the Team Beachbody Club).

By the way…YIAYIA means Grandmother in Greek.

These ads are HILARIOUS, and perfect in length (30 seconds each). Enjoy!

You mix these delicious foods with veggies and take them in addition to Shakeology (the top Health and Nutrition Shake in the market), you will get healthier and be full in the process…hummus has healthy carbs…here are the ingredients:

Athenos Greek Hummus Ingredients

Athenos Greek Hummus Ingredients

Note, Sodium Benzoate is a preservative which is why it is in red…want to solve that problem….make your own! And just cut the preservatives…the recipe is made for you…

Stay Healthy…and…Check Six!

The Maverick

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