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Jan 13 2011

Does Shakeology Work?

Maverick here…in Hong Kong waiting to catch a VERY SPECIAL TRIP…to the village of my favorite girl…more on that with pics later…

Just a few days ago while I was in the Filipines…I called my friend Jerry that manages a clinic and said what the heck…let’s take some blood tests!

I wanted to see how the Shakeology was doing…and how I was doing in general…even though I felt so good with the Beachbody workout Activities (just a sample of whats coming in Sep 2011)…wanted to make sure I caught something before it got out of hand…you know with kids family etc need to be here for them!

Well…here are the results!


You may or may not be able to read and/or interpret the numbers…let me do a one liner for you:

Everything was inside the reference values…all good and healthy!

Why? I have some good ideas…and will put them here:

Even though I live a very active lifestyle (airline work, spend time in the US with kids and Filipines) and experience jet lag and different time zone often…I have been able to combat that with

1. Fighting constantly the crazy food Gods,

2. Exercising no matter what

3. Taking Shakeology – well…100 doctors that came out ON RECORD talking about how good this stuff is and that they recommend it to their patients…may be they have something to lose if they are wrong! See for yourself here:

If you have not tried Shakeology…you are missing out!

4. Breathing slower and doing Yoga (thanks so much Tony Horton for introducing me to it!)

Am I stopping…hell no…I keep going…because once you get there…you NEVER go back! It feels so good

And when someone tells me I have no time…I ask them…do you have time to breath and do all the other activites that are necessary to live…then why would you not take care of your body the best way you know how?

I arrest my case…but I don’t have a case anymore…the question is…what will u do?

Check Six,

The Maverick

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