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Jan 12 2011

Housing Crisis In South Florida – What Does That Mean To You?

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Maverick here…in Alaska BRRRR -10C but I am not a snowman!

Just saw a couple of articles…about foreclosures in Miami…while I was at the library doing homework with my kids…well actually let me be really clear THEY were doing the homework!

9 Jan 2011 Miami Herald Article

10 Jan 2011 Miami Herald Article

What does this mean to you? Well let me summarize…foreclosures are a mess…and the economy is NOT recovering…you better prepare…and how do you do that?

Well I don’t know because I don’t know your situation…but this is what I am doing…

1. Getting Out Of Bad Debt (the one that makes you poor) – like credit cards cars etc

2. Developing a source of monthly income outside my work something that is consistent with my beliefs

3. Shifting assets to respond to the current wealth cycle we are in…

From the F-15 Eagle Days…we could not prepare for the enemy enough…and when he was less strong or less skilled…good for us…

Its not being about gloom and doom its just preparing!

And…checking six always!

The Maverick

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