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Aug 05 2008

Maverick Target Analysis Details

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Ready to hit the target? Not yet ACE – you need to know how each Maverick Target will be analyzed so you can attack it properly, should you select to focus on it (and of course I am not going to over-emphasize this will be your selection – mine has already been made)…

Again, I will only talk in terms of what I have done…you can make your own selections.

Here are the Target Elements:

1. Short Description – one short sentence of what the Target entails

2. Bit More explanation and how the target is acquired (how the money is being made):

2. Time in which I recovered my capital – very important

3. Term – short or long and how fast I achieved cash flow

4. Amount I put in for $1000/mo cash flow (again this is what I did)

5. Amount of time required to set this up (always will be a time investment)

6. Amount of time required to keep it running (it will be minimal but I have been able to increase my cash flow in certain Targets with special Tactis which I will make available to you)

7. It is outsourcable (the ultimate target – complete creation of automated cash flow)

8. Actions required by you to acquire the target should you select it (accounts you need to set up, documents you need to send, verifications etc)

9. Is is possible to outsource the set up (yes the maverick has sources to do this) to save you time and frustration (leave it up to my outsourcing specialists to figure it out!) and cost.

10. Amount I have invested personally and minimum amount to get started

11. My monthly cash flow (it will be in figures, so if I am making $100-$999 you will see 777, $1000-$9999 you will see 7777 and so on) – and that is net cash flow.

12. Is it possible to fly in formation (make money from referrals and leverage your time)?

13. Information for more target analysis on your own (other sites, videos, audios, phone numbers to call)

14. Information for Target Acquisition (you could call it joining, should you select it.

Check Six,

The Maverick

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