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Jan 09 2011

What Are Your Goals For 2011? What Is The Key To Achieving Them?

Maverick here…in Miami on an official airline trip…24C and sunny!

My buddy Daniel, who you may remember from the special interview we did in March 2009 (you can view it here), just sent me an email about New Years Resolutions. Most of it talks about Forex trading, which may or may not be relevant to you…but…the paragraph before last you should read it and etch it on your forehead!

Daniels New Year’s Resolutions (the paragraph begins with I URGE YOU TO…)

And, with that…I must add a small mistake (actually huge) Maverick has made since 1986…when I was in my second year in college…it has still turned out alright…but it could have turned out much better! And it is from now on…

It is what Daniel talks about in his next to last paragraph, yes the one that starts with I URGE YOU…read it you will be glad you did.

The mistake I made is kept trying without what he talks about in the first sentence…here is a picture of what I bought in college and it has carried me through 25 years of safe flying with or without missiles, in bad weather, aircraft problems, and in many other life’s situations.

You Never Can Fail If...

You Never Can Fail If...Bought From KMart In 1986!

This is one thing Beachbody does best in all their programs…which is why people experience dramatic, real, lasting results…is…tracking and refining…you don’t get 50,000 customers per week (that is ONE every 12 seconds!) for just screwing around!

You can join here and get all there help you need…and yes there is a free version!

Check Six…and what are your resolutions?

The Maverick

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