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Dec 27 2010

Tony Horton On The News Promoting Beachbody

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Maverick here…In Alaska…BRRRRR…Christmas is white… -10C!

Saw this video on the Beachbody site I could not believe it…so I am making sure you see it too!

Tony Horton on FOX 5 News promoting not only P90X but the Beachbody Business Opportunity! Try that with any other Home Business and you flop in your face!

Watch this video below (short 10 sec ad before it starts)…Tony talking about P90X being the #1 Infomercial for over 15 months…talking about celebrities and professional athletes using it…and about the fact that if you just show up and do your best…you WILL see results!

And no…I don’t think Beachbody paid Fox

As the host very correctly said…if you have not heard about P90X…you are living under a Rock!

Let’s go…new years is coming and time to put those resolutions to work!

Check Six…and Stay Healthy!

The Maverick

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