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Dec 24 2010

Goal 30 Achieved! It Can Also Happen For You!

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Maverick here…in Los Angeles…waiting to fly to Hong Kong in 90 minutes…must work on Christmas going to the land of Snow Santa (Alaska!)

Was in Dadeland Mall in Miami with the kids couple of days ago for some Christmas shopping…and I saw this pair of Dockers I wanted to try…but they did not have what I thought was my size which was 31…so I said what the heck…let’s try the smaller one…30.

Guess what…it fit just fine with no stomack sucking or ripping the pants…I was quite amazed…I had said my ultimate waist goal was 30 in my health quest…and I have achieved it…see the following pics and video:

30x30 Fits!

It Is Really 30 x 30!

It Is Really 30 x 30!


Did this happen overnite…no of course not…it was a two and a half year journey starting with the 10 minute trainer…so all you body builders out there wanting to get ripped…its OK to start with the 10 minute trainer or Power 90…and stick with it!

And of course…Shakeology has played a big role as it has cleaned me inside and helped me feel better, more energetic…and more…regular…way more! Let’s just say I am in and out in 37 seconds or less!

So…now what? Go for 28 waist? NO! Don’t want to look like a starving child! But I am not stopping…just keep going at it…even if sometimes due to the flying I only do light stretching…thanks to Beachbody for teaching me how to stretch properly to avoid injuries and take care of muscles, joints, and connective tissue!

Take care over the Christmas Holidays…and when you are offered the second plate full of turkey and stuffing…stick with the first!


Check Six,


The Maverick



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