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Nov 24 2010

How Do You Know You Are Doing Your Best?

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Maverick…in Miami…just learned another lesson today!

How do you know you are doing your best when you are exercising?

No this will not come from fancy sayings or cliches…it will come from personal experience.

I was doing Plyometrics from P90X – otherwise known as Jump Training – 58:45 (no its not the 10 minute trainer) this morning…it is also part of P90X Plus, which is an extreme version of P90X…just a little notching it up. And this is what happened:

1. I could hardly finish the exercise

2. I could hardly begin the next on time

3. I was panting most of the time – out of breath

4. Took extra breaks

5. Felt almost dizzy

In other words…I pushed it to the limit…and as I said in a previous post…that is where the real training begin…did I stop? I wanted to…but I kept going!

Results: I GOT MY SECOND WIND! And I feel so good…now specially after the recovery drink.

To do a workout like this and NOT have a recovery drink is like having a race car and putting normal motor oil in it…

Should you always do a workout with that intensity? It depends…what benefits are you trying to get? And do you like to waste your time? Here are two pictures of the aftermath.

What's Left On My T-Shirt After 58:35 Of Plyometrics

What Is Left On My Shirt After 58:35 Of Plyometrics - Mostly Sweat!

The Shirt And The Shakeology Towel - That Is Wet

The Shirt And The Shakeology Towel - That Is Wet Also!

The moral of the story…no sweat…no panting…no gain!

Feel so good now two hours later…

The other moral of the story…you don’t have to do this. You can get lose weight without even exercising…or exercise in a much light way with the Shakeology workouts or the 10 minute trainer or Power 90…or you can choose to get ripped and in awesome shape. Beachbody has something for everyone that is interested in better health and creating their own Health Stimulus plan…because if you wait for our government to take care of us…you will be waiting for ever!

Check Six…and stay healthy!

The Maverick

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