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Nov 07 2010

The Best Wind-Down After A Long Tiring Flight

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Maverick here…in Miami…just completed a 7:19 flight 2 man crew from Anchorage…

Feeling a bit tired…and under most standards I would deserve to go straight to bed…but no…there is a great way to unwind…even if you are really tired…yoga!

I had scheduled to do the Yoga X from P90X…but I thought it would be too much (it is 92 minutes), so I called the audible…the Patience Hummingbird (34:28) from the P90X One on One Program…good move and it feels so good right after finishing…a nice shower now and bed is really calling my name!

Some other great options are Ho Ala Ke Kino (26:35) and the Yoga Flex (10:00) from the 10 Minute Trainer…depending on how you are feeling…

What you will get from doing this?

1. Better sleep

2. Muscles stretched…when you wake up your muscles will not be as tight

3. Burn calories to keep metabolism up through your sleep

4. Increased Flexibility

I can go on and on…but I will not…you get the point…I am going to sleep now!

Check Six,

The Maverick

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