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Aug 04 2008

About Me (Longer Version – More Writing)

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Editors Note: Make sure you read the post…that talks about Maverick Reality and Course Change With A Short Video From The Maverick

Eirini and Leonidas And Daddy In Leonidas Shop In Hong Kong

Welcome…glad you are here.

My name is Dino Stylianopoulos (my parents and Greek Friends call me Kostas) and I have two wonderful children named Eirini and Leonidas. Would love to have a dog but don’t have one yet

Keep in mind…I do quite alright financially in my flying career, and I never feel like I have ever worked in my life because I like what I do so much.

However, over the years I have always looked for other ways to expand my financial horizons…it is good to have options…and there are some things I want (and will have) that the airline income will not buy.

Making money online is very similar to flying an airplane…once you learn how to do perform a certain maneuver, you don’t have to learn it again…all you have to do is stay sharp by performing it regularly, or learn the intricacies of a new airplane type.

Over the years I have realized that the way to go to maximize profits and free time (time control is way more important that money) is to be involved in passive income/investment programs that also have referral income which allows you to leverage your time.

Born And Raised In Athens, Greece

I was born in Athens, Greece 41 years and 10 months ago…both of my parents are Greek but my dad studied in the US in Cornell And Purdue so we moved to the US (York, PA) for my dad’s work when I was 1. When I was 3 we moved back to Greece, which is where I stayed until I was 18…then I left for the US to pursue my dream of flying.

Both of my parents were the model parents…they will have been married for 43 years this Christmas, and I have never seen them fight or say anything bad about each other…I have never seen my dad tell a lie…and he always looked for his family first. My mom was always there for us when we got home from school, she always sat with us and talked to us (I have two brothers and two sisters) when we ate our lunch.

My childhood was a lot of fun, full of playing, mainly soccer (as a European I would say the proper name of it was football). I had the dream of becoming a professional player…and the talent was there but two things kept me from being a star…broke my ankle twice at the age of 17, and I was not well connected with the right people.

Of course, soccer was not my only interest…I had an affinity for things that fly, and more specifically, moto-cross bikes… (more on this later), and even though I did not pursue this as a career, I have always enjoyed the wheelies, spins, and jumps with the corresponding adrenaline rush. And of course no chance to get hurt…you are by yourself with all the protective equipment.

Off To College

I was accepted by Oakland Community College in Farmington Hills, MI. They took a chance on me despite my very interesting, for lack of a better work, High School GPA. It took a little effort, two As in POL 151 and SPE 100 (American Government and Fundamentals of Speech) got me into one of the best aviation schools in the country, Western Michigan University (WMU).

What followed were four years of one of my favorite theories: work hard, play hard. I focused like a laser, graduating with very good grades and with all my pilots licenses (instructor and all) and 700 hours of flying time, also having been a distinguished member of the school flying team and #3 ranked college pilot in the US. And somehow I had not forgotten my passion for soccer: Even though I had to give up the school varsity team to focus on studying and flying, I persuade Blake Glass, the WMU soccer coach, to let me come to the camp the last semester and join the team as a senior.

During those four years I learned something very important: The first week I started at WMU, I learned that I had missed the soccer camp and that I had to try out as a walk-on. Made it past the first-cut, impressing Blake. However, when I found out that the daily practices would cause me to miss three labs and one course that I had already registered for, I had to make the toughest decision on my life…give up varsity soccer and resort to intra-murals with my Greek friends.

It was the first lesson of giving up to get that I learned…and it was a very good one.

Bitten By The Fast Jet Bug

During one of the flying club meetings in college, I had one big life changing event happen…the Air Force recruiter showed up with a Thunderbird Video…and I was hooked! What do you mean…flying upside down…Mach 2 with your hair on fire…pull Gs, go after the bad guys, see the world, and get paid for it?

The movie Top Gun came out during my sophomore year in college (1986) and did put the icing on the cake for all my feelings about going after a fighter pilot career…and if you have not seen Top Gun…go see it…and if you have not…I recommend you see it again! Here is a small glimpse of what it did for me:

But, I had a big obstacle to overcome…I was not a US citizen…thank God for my dad…I had become a U.S. Permanent resident at the age of 1…so all I needed was 3 years as a resident (the rules at the time) and I was a citizen! So in goes my USAF package…and after interview after interview…and two tough physical exams…I was down in Officer Training School, being a 90 day wonder (that is what the 4 year USAF academy students called us), because you must be an Officer First and Pilot Second.

Pilot Training

Then, the big challenge was out…they had six spots for ENJJPT (Euro-NATO Joint Jet Pilot Training). I knew about this…what is meant you would be essentially guaranteed a fighter (F-15 was my dream airplane) upon successful graduation as compared to a standard pilot training base where you had to be top of the class to get one, if it was available.

So, I talked to Steve, a guy from the senior class in Officer training school that was already selected for ENJJPT and asked him: “Steve, how did you do it?” His answer: ”Dino, make sure you look your best, and let them see through your eyes that you really want it”.

I owe Steve a large part of my acceptance into ENJJPT…not that because I did not feel I was good enough, but his comments led me to do something I would not have done otherwise…when all the questions were done and they asked me if I had any other comments, instead of thanking them for the opportunity like most other guys did, I said this:

“Gentlemen, I want you to know that I want a slot in ENJJPT really bad…I guarantee you will NOT be disappointed when you select me”.

See how talking to someone that has been before you and has done what you want to do can help you? That is why I have learned and am learning from Tracy, Brad, and Mike. Unfortunately, the Internet and Home Business world is full of people that claim to be gurus but are only making money teaching a theory they have never applied themselves…you have to pick and choose the right mentors…and trust me…after a while you can discern and see who is for real.

The year of flying training in Wichita Falls, TX, a town 123 miles NW of Dallas with a unique International signature ended with Dino graduating at the top of the class and getting his F-15 to Japan…but I had no idea what was about to happen two weeks after my graduation that was a remarkable turn in my life…

My First Exposure To A Home-Based Business

In July 1991, I got a call from my friend and classmate Mike…he said he wanted to tell me about a business he and Tom (who was one of my flight instructors in the USAF) were doing. He surprised me, but I said what the heck, I respected Tom and I liked Mike.

Tom and Mike showed up at my house on a Sunday afternoon and they did not tell me much, except drawing some circles on a piece of paper. They told me that if I wanted to find out more I had to come to a business meeting at the Holiday Inn and I should dress up. Being the curious and inquisitive guy that I was, I dressed up and went.

That night was my initiation into the Network Marketing industry; It looked good and I did not know why. The only reason I decided to get involved is I respected Tom because I regarded him as one of the best flight instructors there…see how liking and respecting plays a big role in deciding who to do business with?

This started a long and costly, although exciting chapter of my life. Went to many meetings, had a great time, and made many friends…but there was a major flaw that through the excitement I had was not immediately apparent:

No matter how nice everyone was…the only reason they were making any money was luck and the sales of books, tapes, educational materials and functions. I was told by a very successful guy (over $100,000/year) that over 90% of his income was the sale of educational tools, promotional materials, and functions.

They had no idea how to teach me to be successful…all they taught me was to make a list and the 3-foot rule…and even though I worked like a dog, and did refer a few people, I did not see anything but a drain of my bank accounts.

After six years of working diligently, in September 1997, I decided to hang the shoes on my business…but I always wanted what those guys had promised from the stage, the control of your time and your bank accounts.

The F-15 And Seeing The World

F-15 training was in Panama city, FL…boy was that a rush…now I understood the term…the Eagle (nickname for the F-15) was always known as being too much airplane for the pilot – what it meant is that the aircraft could exceed the pilots physical capabilities if you maneuvered too aggressively!

Note: They are shooting real missiles.

Saw a big part of the world, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Denmark, England, Turkey, Iraq (yes I flew over patrolling the 36th parallel loaded with 8 missiles and 940 rounds of 20mm high-explosive ammo). I saw what happens when you make mistakes: Two of my Squadron Mates shot down two NATO helicopters over Iraq, thinking they were Iraqi, killing 26 NATO officers.

Getting Married And Two Treasures

In July 1997 I had a very interesting event occurred in my life: I met and married a very pretty girl from Greece, Christina. We moved to Italy to be closer to her family (I took a non-flying position for 3 years).

Christina gave me two wonderful kids I will always be thankful to her for: Eirini and Leonidas.

Eirini means peace in Greek and Leonidas (who also has my dad’s name) comes from the ancient Greek General that fought 10,000 Persian soldiers with 300 brave men on his side and only lost after a traitor – his name is translated nightmare literally – showed the Persians the back door. Most of you have been exposed to the movie which tells all about what Leonidas did. If not, you can get it here. Eirini is in fourth grade and Leonidas is in second.

2000 And Beyond – Starting A Home Business Again

In July of 2000, we moved to San Antonio were I entered my last tour in the USAF, teaching pilots how to become instructors in the T-38…loved the flying and the teaching. Even though the T-38 was not a fighter, I did some of the best flying in it…here is a picture of it.

Right before moving to Texas, I got an email from an Internet Marketer about another MLM company…and the fire was lit again inside my stomach…what if I could really make this money?

I joined…but no luck…mailing 2000 postcards a month to a list of recycled business opportunity seeker leads was not the right way to do it either. Ten months later and over $5000 in the hole, that venture was over.

But I did not stop looking…I joined company after company, hoping I would finally hit gold…I found out that was not it the answer.

In August of 2001 I was introduced to Tracy Biller. He was the first mentor I had that finally stopped giving me the BS that I had heard for over 7 years in MLM. The three big things I learned from him was to find your target market, stop baby sitting people, and to get to the point.

Flying Career Transition

With flying a desk as the next option, I began looking in the airline world…and one of my flying buddies knew a former Air Force One pilot that flew for one of the world’s most respected airlines: Cathay Pacific. Luck had it…he lived two miles from my house in San Antonio.

There comes Dino for his first and only unofficial airline interview to Don’s house with the pilot’s beverage of choice: A case of Bud. Three weeks later I was sitting in LA in an interview room and after another more formal interview in Hong Kong, I was given the good news: a B747 Flying Officer position based in the US…and an upgrade to the left seat in June of 2008, less than six years from joining.

Moving To Miami

In May of 2003, my wife Christina took a teaching position in a Greek school in Miami so we moved. Unfortunately, soon after the move, we separated and divorced.

I applied Tracy’s Biller’s strategies to the letter but something was missing…hours after hours of cold calling genealogy reports left me tired, voiceless and frustrated…how could a fighter pilot not be able to succeed in this so simple business?

Company after company and program after program, I was getting more and more frustrated, and even though I had the income to risk a few bucks, nothing was working.

Starting To See The Light

In October of 2005, I ran into Mike Dillard (link). I was quite impressed by his giving attitude and no-pressure approach. His Magnetic Sponsoring Book (link) and Forum is a classic in the Home Business industry and anyone can learn valuable insights from it, novice or expert.

I could see there was a lot of benefit in referring people but I did not want to do with with no proven system.

In January 2006, I decided to stop talking to people until I had a system that would work, it would fit with my airline schedule (sometimes I am away for a couple or three days in a row in weird time zones and even returning phone calls can be interesting). In other words, I had to find a system that did not depend on my ability to recruit…any company…or individual.
Picture Complete – In Afterburner!

In October 2006, I met Brad Weinman (link) through one of my best friends in San Antonio, Joe Aquino. His Attraction Marketing Blueprint (link) filled the missing piece of the puzzle for me…

Recruiting and making sales (the traditional way) is pretty tough…if you do it the wrong way…but if you can have interested people call you, after having done their homework, and even joining and giving you their money before you even have a word with them was the way to go…then you not only making money, you know marketing and how to leverage yourself.

You can then put more money in the investment/passive programs you are involved that are for real, you are compounding the returns you would earn with your own money. So, people call you because you know how to put yourself in front of the right ones, and that they know you, trust you, and can connect with you.

This is what meeting Brad Weinman (on the Internet then personally) did for me…and learning about him and his major success in the last 8 years. His Attraction Marketing course is the culmination…the last brick in the mansion…what every marketer needs…whether you are marketing widgets, information products, or are into network marketing. I highly recommend you get his course.

My Hobbies

There are very few things better than the exhilaration of flying…and yes…I will own my own airplane…check this out for a good idea of what I will be getting soon, after all the testing is done.

About once or twice a month…to stay current, I love to engage in a little more economical high speed activity…such as skiing (both water and snow) and motocross. Soon I will be involved in the world of go-carts…got to find something good for my 7 year old to start with.

And, one more thing that I look forward to being able to do in the very near future, is to own and drive a 1966 Mustang (it is a great year, I was born then) or a 1968 GTO.

The Vital Importance Of Having A Mentor/Teacher

Would you learn flying from someone that is an expert at parachuting, hang-gliding, or can fly a perfect pattern in the simulator? You, my friend would set yourself up for disaster…why would it be any different in the making money department?

Well, you know all about me…where I have been, where I am going, and who my mentors are…and I invite you to meet them.

Can I guarantee success? In good conscience, all I can guarantee is that the odds are stacked in your favor should you follow and learn from someone that has been there before. And I am only showing what is actively working for me…now…not some time in the past like a lot of people do.

One thing you need to know about me…I love to teach…had my Flight Instructors License at the young age of 19.5 years, and did two instructing tours in the Air Force, with the last tour teaching at the Instructor School (where we simulate student errors and behaviors for the aspiring Military Instructors) and had a ball…

But I also was really tough on students that did not prepare…because that was a matter of life and death…and not just their own…but other peoples’ too.

Will I be tough on you…yeah…I will…if you don’t do your homework before you contact me…and that means reviewing all available information to you…because I respect your time as much as I respect mine.

And we will have a ball together should you decide to partner with me…I don’t now it all but I know people that know it most…and can get the right answer for you.

How I Take Control Of My Time – And How You Can Too

Two ways really…one way…with my airline career…this some of you may be not be in a position to take advantage of…

Second way…by creating a passive cash flow enough to do anything I want when I want and to live anywhere I want to live with no one dictating it…and that you can all do!

Since you are still reading I will make a bold assumption…that you would like to see that I have put my money in and how you can participate. So there are the targets below.

Maverick Targets

You will see what I do to passively increase my net worth…and how you can also do should you choose to.

And once you become successful at leveraging your money…if you want…I will show you the ultimate leverage…your time…how to create time and live a stress free life knowing that…you can wake up each morning and…literally call the shots!

In Closing

You are in the right place at the right time: most of the hard work is done for you…I have seen time after time what does not work. Finally, I have hooked up with the right people that not only have done it…but they were kind enough to show me what they have done so I can do it too…I am returning the favor by paying it forward (have you seen the movie it is awesome)

Unless you are a master salesman / recruiter, start hitting the Maverick Targets…then you don’t depend on anyone else except you and the good due diligence…and I have done most of it for you.

And don’t dive into all targets at once…hit the first one, then lock on the second one, the third one etc…

Once you lock on the Maverick Targets, you will learn about passive income programs that flat-out work without having the pressure to recruit anyone. And when you are starting to make money without recruiting, you become dangerous because you have credibility plus income…then you can refer anyone!

My time is limited; plus, if I spend two hours on the phone with everyone briefing you on how to hit the Maverick Targets, it defeats everything I have been talking about so far…taking control of my time…go to the Maverick Targets page and decide for yourself if you want to lock on to them.

Please don’t contact me unless you have done your homework…I will direct you back to the ROE and Targets pages.

Since I have a full life, it may take me a day or two to get back to you because I may be flying in the other part of the world. The best way to contact me is by SKYPE, eagledino (please text me first). If you don’t get a hold of me on the phone or SKYPE, email me to call you at a convenient time.

Also, don’t forget to stop by the resources, where you will find many tools and ideas to save you money, time, or hassle.

Thanks so much for taking the time and learning about me and how I can help you have a better life…for REAL…with US$/EUR/GBP (of whatever your currency) you can do something meaningful with.

And whatever you decide to do, I wish you the best of success in all areas of your life.

Check Six,

The Maverick

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2 Responses to “About Me (Longer Version – More Writing)”

  1. Fredon 02 Dec 2008 at 5:11 pm

    Interesting story, way more complicated than I knew! I look forward to talking with you.

  2. Linda Sepelakon 02 Jul 2009 at 9:26 pm

    Hey Dino,

    First, I should tell you that I did not come on here to get a home based income going. Actually, I just came to learn more about you. I’ve always thought you a fascinating guy. So, actually I came to your web site just to learn more about you. I figured you were the brother of one of my bestest friends and as much as we have visited, there was a lot left out. I knew you were a pilot and flew jets in the USAF. What else made you tick besides motorcross, I had no idea. All that was known, was you were a Maverick by all meaning of the term.
    So, here I am reading your bio and getting a small look into the life of Kostas, better known to me as Dino. Although, I have heard family and friends call you Kostas.

    Maybe you’d like a little feed back. All I can say is, WOW! What a life you’ve led. It’s amazing. Certainly, have lead an exciting life. That’s for sure. Hopefully, one of these days we will get a chance to talk more. Having met most of your family, does nothing but fuel the fire. Well, I look forward to seeing you the next time you’re in town. Have a safe trip to where ever you’re going and fly safe. Linda

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