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Oct 26 2010

A Little Known Benefit Of Being In Shape

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Maverick here…In Alaska…

Been all good…just busy…with what? You will find out…actually you already know!

So, what is a interesting side benefit of being in shape that most people will not talk about?

Is it…looking great? NO

Is it…feeling good? NO

Is it…going to buy new clothes? NO

Is it…getting off some of your medications? GOOD ANSWER BUT FOR DIFFERENT POST

Is it…making money because people asked you what you did and you gave them your link? GOOD ANSWER BUT FOR DIFFERENT POST

Is it…not having any pains or reducing the ones you have? GOOD ANSWER BUT FOR DIFFERENT POST

Is it…hardly ever getting sick? CLOSE

Here is something I have discovered twice this year…I still get sick…BUT I RECOVER MUCH FASTER!

This weekend in Alaska I caught pneumonia…it is NOT a joke and I felt really bad…but within 24 hours of going to the Doc…I was a different person! I even did this (see below)

Did the drugs that I did not want to take helped? For sure…the Doc was great…heck he is doing P90X…had a good discussion with him and made sure he had some Shakeology and P90X Recovery Drink as a token of my appreciation…I told him I will go workout with him anytime!

How did I get here…to start, thisthen this…then more of this…then some of this…and every day this. You can do the same less or more. You will NOT regret the results!

No it did not happen overnite…the journey started little over years ago with my first order as a customer…July 2008. Can it happen overnite? Never. Got to start somewhere.

If you are not there? Make the decision to get started…it is that simple…in good shape already? No problem…we will make you better!

Check Six,

The Maverick

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