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Jun 08 2010

You Think Yoga Is A Joke Or For Girls…NOT!

Maverick here…in New York waiting to fly to Alaska tonite…

Just did the Fountain of Youth Yoga (48 min) from the One On One With Tony Horton Workouts…and yesterday did the Patience Hummingbird (34 min – recovering from a Virus, more on that on tomorrows Post)…and I just have to tell you…

Check out this short stint on Patience Hummingbird:

Yoga is not easy and not for Sissys…or just for Girls…but it will change your life in a way you never thought possible!

Here is what has happened for me and will also happen for you:

1. You will clear your mind (boy do we all need it!)

2. You will be more flexible (I could not touch my toes two years ago…now I need a Yoga block because I go about 7 inches PAST my toes!)

3. You will have less pains (my shoulder and back pains are mostly gone – still have some back pain occasionally)

4. You will feel lighter, in a better mood, and make better decisions (I find I have relaxed much more compared to what I used to be)

5. You will perform better in all the other workouts you do or in any other areas of your life (yes this has happened for me also)

6. You will become stronger and have more stamina/endurance (boy do I have more of both)

7. You will lose weight/inches/flab and have to rush to the store to buy new clothes (yes I am doing this constantly)…

Had a talk with the postman today…he told me his wife is using yoga to help her with pain from her car accident 15 years ago where her shoulder was crushed…

Again…you can get those two workouts here for a slow start or Ho Ala Ke Kino (26 min) there is a very special person in my life that has hardly done and exercise…started her with Ho Ala Ke Kino and she loves it.

For the Hard Core (you know if I am talking to YOU), the Yoga X in P90X is 92 min…relax half of it is stretching! And you do need a recovery drink at the end…

So…if you want any of the above great things that have happened to me to happen to you…let’s get going with some Yoga…among the other great workouts Beachbody has to offer!

Check Six,

The Maverick

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