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May 30 2010

Has Label No Eat – No Exception

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Maverick here…in LAX (Los Angeles for long)…

A beautiful sunny day before we fly up to Alaska for the afternoon…

While I was flying from Chicago to LAX yesterday as a passenger I met a very interesting guy named Ken from Echuca, Victoria, Australia…don’t know what happened except one of the Maverick Mottos held through again…

“The world becomes smaller once you open your mouth”

I asked Ken where he was from because he used the “how are you going?” phrase instead of “how are you doing?” we use here in the US…immediately I asked where he was from and he said Australia…so then we started talking about why he is the US (it was his first trip and he was generally quite intrigued!) and what he did in Australia that allowed him to leave his business for one full month…

Ken is in the candy business (Echuca Heritage Sweet Company) and he gave me his website, which I am giving you here…his town, Echuca, is 2.5 hours north of Melbourne and is becoming a very interesting tourist spot because of the outdoor activities and wine tasting available as well as the interesting landscape.

When you are ready to visit, just go to Ken’s site and see the Links, everything is in there…

Of course our discussion quickly turned to Flying, and Fitness, and I could not help but tell Ken I bring my Yoga Mat everywhere I go as well as the results I have had with P90X, Insanity and in General all the Beachbody workout programs.

Then we started talking about nutrition and what we should and should not eat…I said to Ken…this must be interesting since you sell things with sugars and items that are generally not good for your body…and we did come to the conclusion that “if it has a label, don’t eat it”…Ken cannot be eating the stuff he sells because he is in very good shape for a 50 year old…as well as his wife Heather.

So is it OK to cheat a little and eat a candy here and there (and yes please give Ken the business!)…of course it is…even Tony Horton says you got to treat yourself once in a while…

As long as you are behaving most of the time…and I must admit the eating is the hardest part for me and I constantly struggle with it…but I keep fighting…and fighting!

So…keep fighting…and keep checking six!

The Maverick

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