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May 31 2010

Memorial Day Veteran Tribute

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Maverick here…in Alaska…yes working today…flying back to LAX tonite

Would be remiss if I did not pay tribute to ALL our veterans today for their selfless service…remember when I joined the USAF 20 years ago one of the mottos employed by my training Flight Commander was

“service before self”

With this opportunity, here is a short documentary of what Beachbody Elite Trainer Shaun T did for Memorial Day…he visited Fort Bliss in El Paso TX for a memorable and insane workout!

If the Army things its good enough…may be you ought to look into it also…however…word to the wise:

Insanity is NOT a joke…and in my opinion it is harder than even P90X! So make sure you are up to the task and don’t come back aching if you are out of shape and start this way…you can consider something more docile like the 10 Minute Trainer or Power 90, or even Slim in 6

Stay fit…and always check 6! And if you see a veteran, thank them!

The Maverick

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