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Aug 03 2008

Maverick Targets Rules Of Engagement (ROE)

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Here we are rolling out our first target but…before we do…most importantly…here are the rules of Engement (ROE):

Quick Definition: Any time we got up to go against a target in the F-15, we briefed the ROE…they were certain rules that you did not deviate from 99% of the time, and if you did…you better had a darn good reason to do or your A__ would be fried by the Squadron Commander…

1. I am not an investment advisor, an attorney, an accountant, a financial planner, and anything else like this (you can add more stuff yourself)…so if you are looking for a baby sitter or someone to hold you by the hand…forget it!

2. They are situations I have put my money into (you will not see a money making program here I have not put money into myself) and they have been paying me for at least three months. In other words for those really simple guys, I am making money with the targets I have listed.

3. You will not see that many targets…it is confusing and not necessary…and I will not list everything I am participating in here…only the best ones…

4. At any one time, you can expect to seeĀ up to 7 targets max: The desired (but not mandatory) target mix is one short term quick cash flow, one long term, one precious metals (very important these days), and one equity investment (otherwise known as stock), and a real estate situation.

5. Repeat of ROE #3: You will not see Maverick Targets here that I am not making money with (in my bank account not in some payment processor) for at least three months. So don’t ask me if I am making money with this or how its working for me.

6. Repeat of ROE #1: You are all adults…you will do your due diligence on your own…you will have enough information on each Target Details to decide if a. You are ready to participate, b. You need to get more due diligence on your own, c. You need to contact me or my staff for answers to intelligent questions.

Don’t expect explanation of the Targets on the phone…doing this would be violation of the ROE and going against what has been my #1 motto…and it should also be yours…control of our time. There is plenty of explanation on the Target Details as well as resources for you to do your own Due Diligence…take advantage of it!

7. If you want to see how each Maverick Target will be detailed…you need to read the Maverick Target Analysis Details, to see what will be explained and how is best for you to do your due diligence.

Check six,

The Maverick

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  1. Angelo Leddaon 26 Sep 2010 at 3:38 am

    Hi Dino,
    it seems to be yesterday but a long time passed since those Aviano days. I learned from your blog that you were upgraded B747 captain, and you seem to be a successful entrepreneur too. My life changed too. After my career as captain, TRE and V.P. Safety of Alitalia, I was laid off in 2009. So I became an expat too enjoining the blue skyes of Turkey (hope you don’t mind this country…). It would be nice to get in touch again.
    P.S. The great days of Aviano are still vivid in my hearth.

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