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Feb 20 2010

Airline Pilot Career…Not Any More…Unless…

Maverick here…in Alaska enjoying some great time with friends (saw my buddy Tiger and her husband Kim)

Read this article on USA Today about pilots and their career evolution…interesting read and talks about how many peanut butter and jelly sandwiches those dudes have to sacrifice (unless they join the military and go get shot at!) to make it to the major airline in their big dream…and what is the dream? Well…if you have been reading and about me section you get a glimpse of it…and also…read the article below…

USA Today Special Pilot Article 18.2.2010

Conclusion…and I tell my son…I would NOT even think about recommending anyone pursue a pilot career…unless…you have an alternate source of income that preferably has nothing to do with aviation…no I am not talking about a rich wife or husband even though it is not a bad idea (hahaha)…I am talking a business or investment that gives you income…and there are many of those out there…just look at Maverick Targets (more coming…) and if you want to get advanced you can look at the

11 January 2010 Post

You would have to get in touch with me for the password…leave a comment in this blog or email me at kostoulis@gmail.com

The idea is not to do what you dream of…you should…and that is what I will teach my son…who loves to fly (pictures coming in later posts!)…however, comma, is to adapt to the ever changing conditions…is that not what a pilot supposed to do anyway?

Get in touch with me…I can help.

Check Six,

The Maverick

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