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Feb 16 2010

Maverick’s Bible For Staying In Shape – For Ever

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Maverick here…in miami…enjoyed a few days with the kids while they are both perfecting their bicycling skills…my son already is trying to go one handed – yes he wiped!

You know I have been thinking…and I have been asked this before after people commenting on the incredible results I have had in my health with Beachbody – in my not so humble and very accurate opinion the top health and fitness organization in the world – to put together a Bible of experiences, so to speak, that you can also use to better your health and shape and feel, look and perform better in many areas of your life as well as have much less stress!

So, here it is – those of you that mind the blunt truth – BRACE!

1. There are no short cuts – no band to put around your waist, no surgery, no crash diets – the ONLY solution is, as my favorite trainer in the world Tony Horton says, natural DNA Removal!

2. Natural DNA Removal is simply changing the way your body burns the food by altering the type of food you eat, how you eat it, and by exercising / doing some type of physical activity.

3. There must be a permanent change if you will see permanent results – we get bombarded with too much crap on TV, Media and even people that love and care about us about fast foods, soda, sugars and just plain crap…that is really not good for our bodies…same with exercise…so many “easy to do routines” that cause you to plateau and lose motivation and focus…

Bottom Line: You MUST change your eating habits and your exercise habits, you must keep your body challenged and must change it often – variety IS the spice of life! – and you must find a way, whichever way this works for you to integrate the change into your lifestyle – end of story, period!

4. You will lapse – it happens to be all the time…the only cure…brush it off and KEEP GOING!

5. Yes you can have treat days…I often two may be even more than once per week…I do struggle with the food but I keep going!

6. You will need support 99.99% of the time…not because you are not strong enough but there are too many forces pulling you back…like the crabs…I am here, Team Beachbody is here!

7. You will have excuses – and they will work either way – to your benefit to take action and change your life or against you. For every reason in the book you may come up with not to do it, some one else DID IT!

8. It will not be easy – as a matter of fact it will be hard – but trust me, you will love the results…..and yes it is a constant fight but all you really have to do is reverse the pattern…what ever you are doing that makes you unhealthy, from now on take action that will make you healthy.

All I want to do is help Beachbody in their mission…to reverse the trend of obesity epidemic we have in this country (even Michelle Obama is against child obesity now!)….but I will NOT do it for you. It is like going to the bathroom…you can only do it for yourself!

Here is the advantage you have…if you ask for my help…and you do what I have done…there is a very high chance you will have the same or even better results (no promises but I know no one until now that has taken the action I took and had anything short of spectacular results)…

Will not put a picture here but I will update this post soon…need pose for my daughter to take the pic…but the bottom line is over 20 lbs lost and 3.5 pant sizes! I need to buy new clothes even HAD to get measured for a new uniform…and yes…people on the street ask me what I am doing…even though I don’t look like Arnold and I don’t want to honestly!

One warning…I am not easy and don’t accept ANY excuses so be very sure of what you want before you ask me to coach you.

Check Six,

The Maverick

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