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Jan 19 2010

Is This All There Is To Commercial Flying?

Maverick here…in Miami getting ready for the trip of my life…

Just got an update from our pilot union to an interestingly sad reference to an article that talks about what the pilots that are coming up to civilian ranks have to do before they pay their dues and end up where I am…being a Captain in a 747 for a Major International Airline…

Honestly…this completely and utterly just sucks! And quite honestly I am surprised we have not had more incidents like the one you will read in the report..

If you go and look at the ticket prices, they historically have NOT increased…so where is the money coming out from…here are a couple of ideas…reduced pay for all personnel…and increased productivity (this is the airline definition because there is a point of diminishing returns)…

This point of diminishing returns has been reached…but it has been offset by better automation and monitoring systems (do you want to begin to think what would have happened in the NW flight that flew past their destination without increased automation and many more that we will NEVER know about)…so now…like the economy…it keeps bending until the complete breaking point.

I will not say further…just read the article!

What I am doing with my son…even though I have taken him flying (pictures coming in a later post) and will teach him how to fly and get his ratings…I will definitely explain him MANY TIME the difference between the time I was dreaming about being a commercial pilot and today.

There are options…some of them are listed at Maverick Targets and…if you ask me privately I have a few more…

Check Six…and prepare yourself!

The Maverick

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