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Dec 23 2009

Sometimes All It Matters Is That You Show Up!

Maverick here…on the way from Miami to New York City…yes I am lucky enough to work Christmas…but I did spend some great quality time with the kids before I left and yes Santa was early this year!

Something very very interesting happened today…went to the gym to start the 10th week of the second round of P90X…today it was Chest and Back, which was Pullups and Pushups to the extreme…and then Ab Ripper X!

Really did not feel like going and some muscles were hurting…no not sore but a good sign that a virus was hitting me…somewhere…but not enough to call the limit so I went!

Saw a little more progress in the beginning as compared to last week…and then about 1/3 into the workout…I started going backwards…I was demotivated for about 30 seconds…and then I remember Tony’s words…

Don’t worry about anything else…DO YOUR BEST and FORGET THE REST…so I got even more determined to do my best and finish…did it get better…no…I did less than last week…but I showed up…and finished…and it was probably the best workout I had for a long time…sometimes you take some steps back but that is where you grow the most!

I have included a copy of the record sheet for you to see what happened and the areas where I retraced…

Chest And Back Dec 2009 - Going Back But Growing!

Chest And Back Dec 2009 - Going Back But Growing!

But here is the kicker…when I was done and took my shower…my pants felt the loosest they have ever felt…yes I know time to go clothes shopping!

So, if you keep trying and showing up…you may be growing and getting better even when it sure does not look like it…DO YOUR BEST AND FORGET THE REST!

Check Six,

The Maverick

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