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Dec 10 2009

Controversial Robert Kiyosaki Article About 401 (K)

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Maverick here…in Alaska and can’t see my nose it is so foggy and BRRRR….12F (-10C)…

Just read an article about Robert Kiyosaki…very interesting and controversial…in Yahoo!

The Biggest Scam Ever

He is very concerned that the 401 (K) will cause big tragedy for many baby boomers starting to retire as their 401 (K) has lost lots of its value.

All I will say is up to right now it has generated over 481 comments…very controversial…which caused me to pay attention and read some of the comments.

Robert talks about many issues that we need to pay attention to like taxes, inflation, DEBT, and the 401 (K)…and he does a great job of that also in his Book Conspiracy Of The Rich.

I read it and learned a lot from it…and I am doing all I can to explain my kids about financial education even though they are a bit young.

So you can just sit and complain or you can do something about it…the secret lies in…being educated to create ongoing cash flow…look at the Maverick Targets…if they are there…they are creating Cash Flow for me…and also can for you should you take action…

Goes back to the original Maverick axiom…that holds so true…Check Six!

The Maverick

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