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Nov 15 2009

Robert Kiyosaki – He Does It Again!

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Maverick here…in Hong Kong…just thinking…after I read this great book by Robert Kiyosaki…that…

Everyone should read it…

It is the simplest explanation of what has really happened to the economy and how to immunize yourself effectively against it.

Also, there are places in Robert’s blog you can watch some great videos on what is really going on out there with your money…here is one video here on how he created the Cashflow game which is a great Monopoly on Steroids that will NOT have you bored…period.

An Insider’s Look into the CASHFLOW Board Game from Conspiracy of the Rich on Vimeo.

The whole name of the game is

1. Getting Educated

2. Acting on what you know

Check Six,

The Maverick

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